2022 Cadillac XT5

 With the 2022 XT5, Cadillac has condensed Escalade-level luxury into a smaller package, but it has sacrificed a significant chunk of the flagship's status in the process. The XT5 has a stylish and premium design, a well-equipped cabin that is quiet when travelling, and enough space for four persons and their belongings.

2022 Cadillac XT5

However, there is little room for mediocre entrants in the brisk compact luxury SUV market, and the XT5's flaws only serve to highlight more impressive rivals such as the BMW X3 and the Genesis GV70. A turbocharged four-cylinder engine is standard, and a V-6 engine is optional; neither engine is particularly powerful or refined. The XT5's ride over pockmarked roads can be harsh, and its stiff-leggedness doesn't translate to thrilling handling like the Mercedes-AMG GLC-class or the Porsche Macan. Unfortunately, the XT5 is a miss from General Motors' most prestigious brand.

2022 Cadillac XT5 Price

The Cadillac XT5 is priced at $43,995. Almost every competitor in the class has a higher starting price. The top-of-the-line XT5 Sport starts at $55,895, one of the lowest prices in the class for a top-of-the-line trim.

2022 Cadillac XT5 Engine

The standard turbocharged four-cylinder engine in the Cadillac XT5 produces 237 horsepower, while the optional V-6 produces 310 ponies. It's no match for performance-oriented rivals like the 340-hp Porsche Macan S with either engine. The Caddy, on the other hand, compares favourably to the Lexus RX350 and the Volvo XC60. We found the Cadillac's V-6 to be impressively quiet and well isolated from the cabin in light-footed, day-to-day operation. However, when pushed hard, the harshness of the larger engine comes to the fore in a most unflattering way.

If you come across a twisty road, the XT5 can handle it with confidence, though even with the optional adaptive suspension, it won't make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. The XT5's body roll is well controlled, and it feels substantial and planted, which is especially comforting on long highway drives. Our test vehicle, on the other hand, felt jittery over rough stretches of broken pavement, allowing sharp impacts to reverberate through the cabin. The steering is precise, but there is no visceral feedback—yet another opportunity to appeal to enthusiast drivers.

2022 Cadillac XT5 Fuel

EPA fuel economy estimates for front-wheel-drive XT5s with the standard turbocharged four-cylinder are 22 mpg city, 29 mpg highway, and 24 mpg combined. Upgrading to the V-6 reduces the mpg to 19 city, 26 highway, and 21 combined. Adding the optional all-wheel drive lowers these estimates slightly on both models, a small price to pay for extra confidence in bad weather. An all-wheel-drive XT5 with the V-6 engine returned 23 mpg on our 75-mph highway fuel economy test route, while a front-wheel-drive model with the turbocharged four-cylinder returned 29 mpg.

2022 Cadillac XT5 Interior

Passenger space is adequate, and the accommodations are as opulent as one would expect from a modern Cadillac. When viewed individually, the materials used throughout the XT5's cabin appear upscale, but when viewed collectively, the result is a design that appears unfocused. The layout of the interior is good, and the driving position is comfortable.

2022 Cadillac XT5

In addition, for the 2020 model year, the XT5 received improved interior materials, ergonomic improvements, and upgraded features such as a new digital gauge cluster. Even luxury crossovers should be functional, and the XT5 excels in this department. Above-average cargo space, plenty of bins for storing smaller items, and a simple-to-fold rear seat transform this Caddy from luxury liner to cargo king. With the rear seat in place, the XT5's cargo hold could hold an impressive ten carry-on cases. We were able to fit 24 carry-ons once folded.

2022 Cadillac XT5 Infotainment 

All XT5 models are well-connected right out of the box, with features like an 8.0-inch touchscreen, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot. The infotainment system includes simple controls, such as a rotary controller. A new Bose sound system is also available. For charging mobile devices, there are four USB ports conveniently located throughout the cabin, and a wireless inductive phone-charging pad is available between the two front seats.

2022 Cadillac XT5

2022 Cadillac XT5 Safety 

Unfortunately, those who value driver-assistance features such as blind-spot monitoring will have to pay a high price. Visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) websites for more information on the XT5's crash-test results. The following are important safety features:

Automatic emergency braking is standard.

Adaptive cruise control is available.

Lane-keeping assistance is available.

2022 Cadillac XT5 Warranty

Cadillac's standard warranty coverages are comparable to or better than those of the XT5's competitors. The Caddy also provides complimentary scheduled maintenance, but only for the first visit, which falls short of Volvo's three-year or 36,000-mile warranty.

The limited warranty lasts four years or 50,000 miles.

The powertrain warranty is valid for 6 years or 70,000 miles.

For the first visit, complimentary scheduled maintenance is provided.