AMC Javelin Trans Am Racer

 Living in a world full of Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaros and Dodge Challenger, you will forget the AMC Javelin and be forgiven. AMC has not only withdrawn from the market, but the Gibson Javelin has never been as popular as the Big Three. This is really a shame, because the javelin is an interesting product and it is also very successful on the racing track. This particular example is perhaps one of the rarest AMC Javelins of all

AMC Javelin Trans Am Racer

 This is the Trans Am Racer in 1970. The output is only 1 in 100 units, and it is listed in the National Trans Am Registry. It has a fascinating history and brand-new reconstruction, which reminds us of the times and times. Boss 302, Camaro Z28 and Cougar Eliminators bombed around Sebrin and Willow Springs were vigorous. Let's take a look at this historic racer and see its full meaning 

AMC Javelin Trans Am Racer History

The car was fully restored and restored to its former racing glory a few years ago. The motor, transmission and rear end have been removed, or rebuilt or set to specifications. Bob said: "The electric motor has been modified for about 400 miles. The gearbox is a 4-speed device, with smooth shifting, and a new central force clutch and pressure plate. The electric motor has AMC 19 sets of cams and gearboxes. The original Group 19 R4B air intake. It also has the original NOS Group 19 Holley 950 carburetor. All parts used for repair are NOS factory parts"