Is It Worth Buying An AMC Javelin Today?

 Although The AMC Javelin has not been highly valued in the automotive market for a long time, it is now earning its due respect. The AMC Javelin is an American front-engine, rear-wheel drive, two-door hardtop, sold and produced by American Motors Corporation, and the time range is 1968-70 and 1971-1974. The javelin was originally designed by Dick Teague, an industrial designer in the U.S. automotive industry. Before serving as vice president of design at AMC, he held automotive design positions at GM and Packard. This javelin can be used in various decoration and engine levels

AMC Javelin

According to Classic Motors, the Javelin model is one of the most acclaimed models among AMC fans. Besides, the "Chicago Sun-Times" pointed out that the Javelin was both "carefully carved" and "one of the most beautiful cars of the 1960s." Add this to the list of things you didn't know about AMC muscle cars. Although the Javelin has not been highly regarded in the automotive market for a long time, it is now gaining due respect and is recognized by various publications and magazines in the modern world. Could this be the hidden truth behind the AMC Javelin? Keep reading to find out 

AMC Javelin is a worthy car 

Although the price of the AMC Javelin may be different from other muscle cars or pony cars at the time, the prices are lower, but it does receive the same demand and respect from car collectors all over the world.

The American Antique Automobile Club (also known as AACA) divides the AMC Javelin into two categories: the 36-e class from 68-69, the SST model equipped with a V8 engine of 343 cubic inches or larger, and the one for 1970-74 Javelins, SST and AMX models of the 36-j category, which have engines of 360 cubic inches or larger

More profitable versions of AMC Javelin 

Also, the Javelin version has updated software packages and high-tech add-ons, such as the "Go" software package and the "Big Bad" color version can get higher prices in today's market, while the 1971-1974 model year has an overall high price In other production years. According to Keith Martin's car collection guide, the AMC Javelin is often overlooked and is one of the best muscle cars. Compared to other "ideal" muscle cars produced in the same period, it is a sleeper on the market

AMC Javelin is still worth buying today

Today, AMC Javelin AMX is worth buying. This car lives up to expectations. It has a sleek appearance, excellent appearance, timeless aesthetic design, and sharp appearance, making it super fast and ideal when speeding. Not to mention, the interior decoration is beautiful, spacious, and spacious, and can still provide the quality needed to deal with rough and uneven roads. Finally, there is nothing to laugh at. The V8 engine in the AMC Javelin AMX is probably the best 390 V8 included in AMC and has 310 horsepower and strong acceleration 

Hagerty Valuation for AMV Javelin

Finally, according to Hagerty, the AMC Javelin is a timeless car that still has a high price when it is sold on the market. In the past five years, these values​​have remained consistent, basically unchanged-at least they have not decreased. The average price of the javelin in 1968 was close to $18000, and the price of the javelin in 1974 in the last year was just over $14000, which shows that buying AMC javelins has never been a bad time.