2022 Cadillac CT5 V Blackwing Interior

  The 2022 Cadillac CT5 isn't the most luxurious or the sharpest handling sports sedan, but its stylish exterior and eager optional powertrains keep it competitive with rivals like the BMW 3-series, Mercedes-Benz C-class, and Genesis G70. The base engine is a turbocharged four-cylinder, but the optional twin-turbo V-6 makes things more interesting. Consider the V-series trim, which is the sharpest CT5 this side of the high-performance Blackwing, for maximum speed and agility (reviewed separately).

2022 Cadillac CT5 V Blackwing

The CT5's cabin is spacious and well-equipped, but those expecting high-end materials and a luxury-level ambiance may be disappointed. If you're looking for the most up-to-date infotainment and driver-assistance features, the CT5 has them, including Cadillac's impressive Super Cruise semi-autonomous driving feature.

Cadillac CT5 V Blackwing Interior, Comfort, and Cargo

Cadillac addressed some of the interior flaws of the CTS with this new sports sedan, namely a more user-friendly interface and straightforward design. Unfortunately, the quality of the cabin materials appears to be unworthy of the CT5's luxury status.

2022 Cadillac CT5 V Blackwing Interior

Premium Luxury models include a nice open-pore wood trim that elevates the interior design, but it coexists with cheap black plastic that could have been lifted from the plebian Chevrolet Malibu family sedan. The rear seat is more spacious than the CTS's, but rivals such as the Acura TLX and Volvo S60 are both more spacious. However, the trunks of all three vehicles are comparable in size, and each can accommodate five of our carry-on suitcases behind the rear seats.