Best car insurance in Grand Prairie

 In Grand Prairie, Texas, the average cost of insurance is $606 per year for minimum coverage, and $1,968 per year for full coverage. This is more than the national average of $1,674 for full coverage per year, implying that drivers may be looking for the best cheap insurance options in the area.

Best car insurance in Grand Prairie

Grand Prairie is part of the larger Dallas County metropolitan area. In 2020, Dallas County had over 48,000 vehicle accidents. With such a high number of accidents on the record, finding the best car insurance companies in Grand Prairie can save you money and headaches if you are one of these statistics.

Grand Prairie's top auto insurance companies
Geico, USAA, Nationwide, and Allstate not only have the lowest rates among the carriers surveyed, but they also have distinct advantages. Bankrate examined the Quadrant Information Services rate analysis as well as the features of each carrier to determine what makes each one unique.


Geico has not only provided auto insurance for over 75 years, but it is now the country's second largest auto insurance provider. While Geico's J.D. Power scores for the Texas region are lower than the industry average, it still maintains an impressive Superior A++ AM Best rating, which is the highest possible rating for financial strength. Geico has the most discounts among these four carriers for those looking for the cheapest rates in Grand Prairie.


If you are a current member of the Armed Forces or a veteran, USAA has insurance products designed specifically for military personnel. It provides the standard options you would expect, such as comprehensive, collision, and gap insurance, but there are some additional benefits you may not be aware of. For example, USAA does not charge any additional fees if you choose to pay premiums in instalments rather than in one lump sum.


Nationwide's programmes may be preferable for drivers who want more flexibility in terms of both payments and coverage options. The accident forgiveness programme allows you to pay slightly higher annual premiums, but your premiums remain the same if you are charged with an at-fault accident. In addition to a variety of discounts, the Vanishing Deductible® reduces your deductible by $100 each year if you remain claim-free.


Allstate provides several policy "extras" as a benefit and to help keep premiums as low as possible. For example, if you own a brand new vehicle, the optional Vehicle Replacement programme will replace it if it is less than two years old. Drivers can also choose to participate in the DriveWise programme. If you allow Allstate to record your driving habits via the mobile app, you could save even more money.

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