How Much It Costs To Get A Car Painted

 We'll look at what factors influence the cost of having a car painted, how to estimate the cost, and whether you can do it yourself.

It's nice to see your car clean and shiny, and if it's new, you can see almost anything on the reflective chassis from a mile away.

How Much It Costs To Get A Car Painted

The paintwork on a car is very important in giving it the appearance you want. It also guards against metal-transpiring corrosion.

However, the paint on a car will most likely start to fade after a while. Car paint loss can occur as a result of factors such as harsh weather, car accidents, and improper cleaning methods. As time passes, a car's paint may lose its lustre or even peel completely off.

But, of course, this is where repainting comes into play. Unfortunately, getting your car repainted isn't cheap.

Size of the Vehicle

Of course, the size of your car, which is typically measured in square feet, is a major factor in the overall cost. According to, the painted surface of a vehicle typically ranges from 50 to 150 square feet and costs between $1.50 and $20 per square foot
In this context, painting a Hyundai Sonata would be far less expensive than painting, say, a Cadillac Escalade.

Prior to Painting, Repairs Are Required

A car with surface flaws, such as scratches, will require a higher paint cost. If your vehicle has these marks, they must be repaired before you can even consider what paint to use on it.

Some auto body shops may even refuse a high-paying paint job if the vehicle's chassis appears to have survived an explosion. Having said that, most shops offer repair services specifically for such situations.

Touch-up work on a scratched area will typically cost you $50 or more. In more serious cases, your car may require a significant makeover, which would necessitate a larger investment. A paint job that necessitates the repair of significant dents or scratches could cost $3,500 or more.

The Color and Quality of the Paint

When it comes to painting a car, the colour of the paint is very important. Mainstream colours, such as white or black, are generally the most affordable options. Premium tones, such as Dodge's Gold Rush paint, will, on the other hand, be more expensive. 

Aside from that, quality affects the overall paint job; expect to pay more if you want a long-lasting, higher-quality paint. On the plus side, you won't have to repaint your vehicle as frequently, especially if you choose a long-lasting product. A single coat of enamel paint costs between $300 and $700 for a less expensive option.

What You Should Know Before Having Your Car Painted

Painting Will Not Solve Your Chassis Issues
If your car's chassis is riddled with deep scratches or, in the worst-case scenario, dents, chances are you've considered painting to cover them up at some point. You may believe that all you need is some primer and paint to cover up the flaws and your car will look like it just rolled out of the showroom. In reality, however, this causes more harm than good. Because you haven't addressed the rust panels, they will undoubtedly continue to corrode. The paint will simply sink into the scratches and dents, making them more visible.

So, it's definitely better to fix any scratches and other flaws on your car before having it painted; this will ultimately save you more time and money in the long run.

Paying a few extra dollars will get you a long way

When it comes to getting a professional paint job, you must have a solid budget in place.

As part of the standard process, shops will cover some parts of your car with masking tape. If you pay a few extra dollars, they will remove your headlamps and may even sand off the previous paint if the price allows. This may take a long time, but the results will be worth it.

At the end of the day, the more you spend, the more detailed coat your car is likely to receive, so having a budget is a good idea. Also, while you're at it, double-check your budget.

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