Best car insurance in Littleton

 The average vehicle insurance cost in Littleton, Colorado is $592 for a minimal coverage policy and $1,985 for a full coverage policy. According to data from Quadrant Information Services, the cheapest average annual rates for minimal and full coverage vehicle insurance in Littleton are offered by Geico and USAA.

Best car insurance in Littleton

In Littleton, there are many of vehicle insurance providers to choose from. Some are noted for their low rates, while others are known for their extensive coverage options. To identify the best carriers in Littleton, we examined some of Colorado's largest car insurance companies based on characteristics including price and third-party ratings.

Littleton's best car insurance companies
Our top selections for the best car insurance companies in Littleton are American Family, State Farm, Progressive, and USAA, based on our in-depth assessment and comparison. These companies were chosen because they give large discounts, a variety of coverage options, and excellent customer service. Furthermore, all four businesses have high customer satisfaction scores.

American Family

In J.D. Power's annual auto insurance assessment, American Family came out on top for overall customer satisfaction in the Southwest region, which includes Colorado. The average rates for full coverage insurance at American Family are below average, and there are numerous discounts available for additional savings. We also enjoy that American Family offers a variety of endorsements, like as gap insurance, accident forgiveness, and OEM coverage, for more security.

State Farm

More drivers are insured by State Farm than by any other provider. Because its typical rates are reasonable and customer service is generally outstanding, the insurance business is a popular choice for Littleton drivers. State Farm also offers a variety of discounts, including two app-based safe-driving reward programmes. State Farm may be a viable option for Littleton drivers who wish to combine their insurance, which the firm claims can save you up to $964.


In Littleton, Progressive's average auto insurance prices are higher than the city's average. However, the company offers some of the industry's greatest discounts, which might help you get a better deal. Bundling policies, being a good student, enrolling in autopay, being a homeowner, having continuous insurance, and joining up for the Snapshot safe driver programme are all ways to save money with Progressive.


Only active duty or retired service members, as well as the spouse or child of a service member, are eligible for USAA insurance in Littleton. With exceptional customer service, low average prices, and dependable coverage, USAA is usually regarded as one of the best car insurance providers. Discounts are also available for parking your car on base, being a good student, being a heritage client, driving under a specific annual miles, and other factors.

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