Best car insurance in Greenville

In Greenville, South Carolina, vehicle owners are required to have car insurance. According to Bankrate's 2021 analysis of quoted yearly premiums, the average annual cost of vehicle insurance in Greenville is $1,410 for a full coverage policy and $573 for a minimal coverage policy. According to our analysis, the cheapest average annual minimum coverage premiums are offered by Geico and Allstate, while the cheapest average annual full coverage premiums are offered by Geico and Travelers.

Best car insurance in Greenville

Some drivers are seeking for the lowest auto insurance in Greenville, while others are looking for excellent customer service and a user-friendly mobile app. The editorial team at Bankrate looked at a variety of aspects to come up with our top selections for the best auto insurance providers in Greenville, so you can get the best coverage for your specific needs.

Greenville's best car insurance companies
When it comes to vehicle insurance, Greenville residents have a lot of options. We used the most recent premium data from Quadrant Information Services and studied customer satisfaction using the 2021 J.D. Power U.S. Auto Insurance Study to find you the best car insurance companies in Greenville. To find you the best car insurance in Greenville, we looked for businesses that provided excellent customer service, useful online features, and large discounts.


Greenville drivers may save money on auto insurance with Geico. Military members, federal employees, good students, careful drivers, having a vehicle with safety equipment, paying in full, and more are among the discounts offered by the company. Geico's car insurance is quite basic, but customers can supplement their coverage with roadside assistance, rental car replacement, and mechanical breakdown insurance.


Auto-Owners not only has reasonable prices, but it also provides vital endorsements. Dwindling value coverage, gap insurance, roadside assistance, and the Personal Automobile Plus Package, which includes 10 extra coverages such as cell phone replacement coverage and lock replacement reimbursement, are all available to drivers who upgrade their policy.


Progressive is well-known for its online materials and tools. Drivers in Greenville can use the Name Your Price Tool to select coverage options that fit their budget and even compare Progressive's pricing to those of other popular carriers. Progressive also has a long variety of special offers. Bundling your policies, maintaining continuous insurance, being a good student, owning a property, getting a quote online, enrolling in paperless statements, and more can all help you save money.


Active service and retired military personnel, as well as select family members, are the only people who can buy plans through USAA. If you meet the requirements, the organisation provides reasonable rates, excellent customer service, and dependable coverage. Discounts are available from USAA for good students, safe drivers, vehicle storage on a military base, and attending a driver training course, among other things. There are alternative payment options that are more flexible.

Southern Farm Bureau

In the Greenville area, Southern Farm Bureau has below-average full coverage rates and generous savings opportunities to assist drivers save even more. DriveDown, the company's deductible rewards programme, is also available through Southern Farm Bureau. Drivers who practise safe driving habits on a regular basis can lower their deductible and save up to 5% on their first trip.

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