Review of Ferrari LaFerrari

 It's the Ferrari. That's what Ferrari decided to call its first foray into the world of hybrid hypercars, and no red, prancing stallion deserved the moniker more.Mr. Enzo once said that racing is a great mania for which one must sacrifice everything, without reluctance or hesitation, and it was this ethos that drove the Ferrari team to design and build what would become The Ferrari, LaFerrari.The LaFerrari is not only the first car developed in-house in 40 years, but it is also the first Ferrari to use a hybrid powertrain. It has nothing to do with economy, but everything to do with power and speed, in true Ferrari fashion.

Review of Ferrari LaFerrari

The highly-tuned 6.3-liter V12 lurking beneath the engine cover must be one of the most intimidating and ferocious production engines ever offered to the buying public, and even without forced induction, manages to feel faster in a straight line than its main rivals, the McLaren P1 and Porsche 918. Only 499 of these cars were produced, and their value has nearly doubled since their release.It's a thing of beauty and speed that encapsulates everything Ferrari stands for. Ferrari is still alive and well.

The planning for the ideal Ferrari began in 2011 when Ferrari selected five concepts from a pool of nine, three of which were in-house designs and two from Pininfarina. The LaFerrari became the first Ferrari production model designed in-house in the last 40 years after eschewing Pininfarina's options.The name Ferrari LaFerrari (literally "The Ferrari") is a nod to this unique design, as it is the last Ferrari model to feature a mid-mounted V12 engine and the first to use a hybrid gas/electric drivetrain. Only 499 units were made between 2013 and 2016 after the automobile was eventually shown at the 2013 Geneva Auto Show.

The LaFerrari includes cutting-edge technology such as a kinetic energy recovery system, which was inspired by a similar system used in F1 cars and allows for short bursts of power. It also has an active aero system that provides more downforce.

What is the Ferrari LaFerrari's price?

Modern supercars, such as the Ferrari 812 Superfast or the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ, typically cost around $500,000, but pricing is largely determined by optional extras and exclusivity.When Ferrari releases a limited run of a special edition car, you can almost always bet that the price will only rise after the car is sold, so it's no surprise that the LaFerrari's price on the used market has not decreased, but has increased significantly. Buyers could expect to pay around $1,500,000 when it first hit the market.

Also, if you want to buy one at the time this review is published, you'll be looking at close to three million dollars, making it one of the most expensive modern supercars on the market. The McLaren P1 costs just under $2 million.

Performance of the LaFerrari

Stupendous. When Ferrari gave this car the name LaFerrari, everyone knew it was going to be something special in terms of performance, and even the most experienced supercar owner couldn't begin to imagine the performance on offer from this hypercar.

We'll begin with the numbers, because who doesn't appreciate a good performance figure? The LaFerrari accelerates from zero to sixty in 2.5 seconds, shaving 0.3 seconds off the Porsche 918; the LaFerrari will match the Porsche's quarter-mile time, which is consistently in the 9.8-second range, before reaching a top speed of more than 217 mph.


Raffaele De Simone lapped Ferrari's Fiorano circuit in 1:19.70 seconds. With a combined power output of 950 hp, the LaFerrari has a pound-per-horsepower ratio of 3.7, which is higher than the 918's 4.2.Despite being rear-wheel-drive, Ferrari's advanced traction control systems launch the LaFerrari aggressively, and it will lay down power with ruthless efficiency unless you want to break the rear out, which is accomplished with a degree of extra throttle and the appropriate steering input.

The LaFerrari isn't as intimidating to drive on public roads as you might think, but things can get hairy if extreme caution isn't used; the LaFerrari demands respect and focus every time you get behind the wheel.

Which Ferrari LaFerrari Model Should I Purchase?

Ferrari only built 499 LaFerraris, and they were all sold to high-priority customers who already own multiple Ferraris, so your best bet is to keep an eye on your favourite auction and supercar dealer websites for one to come up for sale.

We'd get one with the carbon fibre mirrors, sports exhaust system, Alcantara interior, and carbon-fiber dash trim if we could go back in time, had the money, and the authority. Practical options such as anti-stone chipping protective film would also make our list. Do you really need to know what colour we'd go with?

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