Hawaii's cheapest car insurance for 2021

 In Hawaii, there are nearly 910,000 licenced drivers. Every Big Island resident who owns a vehicle is required to carry a minimum amount of car insurance, which protects drivers legally and financially in the event of an at-fault accident.

Hawaii's cheapest car insurance for 2021

In Hawaii, car insurance is reasonably priced. The average driver pays $1,127 per year for full coverage and $345 per year for minimum coverage. However, each car insurance company has a different rate, and some are less expensive than others.

Hawaii's cheapest car insurance for 2021

There are several well-known companies that provide low-cost auto insurance in Hawaii.


USAA car insurance is available to Hawaiians who are currently serving in the military or are retired veterans. In addition to low rates, USAA also provides excellent customer service and coverage. The average Hawaii driver will pay $1,052 per year for full coverage insurance and $259 per year for minimum coverage insurance.
According to USAA, members who switch from other insurance companies to USAA auto insurance can save $707 per year. Customers can get discounts for being smart students, safe drivers, long-term customers, taking a driver training course, parking a vehicle on a military base, and driving less than a certain number of miles per year.


Geico is well-known for providing low-cost auto insurance to drivers in Hawaii and across the country. In Hawaii, the average driver pays $1,061 per year for full coverage insurance and $302 per year for minimum coverage insurance. However, Geico insurance coverage is basic, and it may not be the best option for drivers who want customizable coverage. Drivers in Hawaii who have a Geico policy have access to a long list of unique discounts.
Military personnel, federal employees, employee or membership groups, good students, taking a defensive driving course, going on an emergency deployment, insuring multiple vehicles, and owning a car with advanced safety features all qualify for discounts.

State Farm

State Farm auto insurance is highly rated and has been the top auto insurance provider in the United States since 1942. Drivers in Hawaii pay an average of $1,054 per year for full coverage insurance from State Farm and $326 per year for minimum coverage insurance. For even more savings, the company offers generous discounts
State Farm offers a variety of popular discounts for good students, including being accident-free and bundling policies, among other benefits. State Farm also offers two types of safe driver discounts: Steer Clear for young drivers and Drive Safe & Save for adults.


For over 75 years, Hawaiian families have relied on Island Insurance. If you drive a hybrid vehicle, have multiple policies with Island, or maintain continuous coverage, you can save money on car insurance. Basic coverage is reasonably priced at $386 per year. However, at $1,606 per year, full coverage is not the cheapest when compared to the other four carriers
Island Insurance, as the name suggests, focuses solely on coverage for the Hawaiian Islands, ensuring friendly, local service and insurance that meets the needs of Hawaiian vehicle owners.


Allstate car insurance is a good choice for Hawaii drivers who want to customise their coverage. Allstate offers one-of-a-kind coverages such as rideshare insurance, sound system insurance, and accident forgiveness. Milewise is a pay-per-mile policy that is ideal for infrequent drivers looking for affordable coverage.

In Hawaii, the average full coverage Allstate policy costs $1,134 per year, while the average minimum coverage policy costs $383. Drivers can save even more money by qualifying for discounts such as insuring a new car, driving a vehicle equipped with anti-lock brakes, signing a policy early, paying in full, and consistently making payments on time.

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