Cheapest auto insurance in Washington, D.C. for 2021

Following reduced road traffic in 2020 as a result of the pandemic, traffic in Washington, D.C. is beginning to return to normal. Unfortunately, this leads to more congested roadways and a higher risk of collisions and fatalities. So far in 2021, D.C. has seen 17 traffic fatalities, compared to 10 fatalities in the same timeframe last year. Because the majority of the city's residents commute by car, car insurance is not only a required purchase but also useful in keeping motorists adequately covered.

Cheapest auto insurance in Washington, D.C. for 2021

The average cost of car insurance in Washington, D.C. is relatively high, at $704 per year for minimum coverage and $1,855 per year for full coverage. Residents should not be discouraged, however, because there are numerous options for cheap car insurance in Washington, D.C. 

Cheapest auto insurance in Washington, D.C. for 2021


USAA may be the best carrier for the cheapest car insurance in Washington, D.C., with average minimum coverage premiums $321 less than the capital average. Because the area has ten military bases, the insurer is a viable option for active-duty military, veterans, and immediate family members who qualify for coverage. Drivers may enrol in USAA's brand new safe-driving programme in addition to savings options while on deployment or by maintaining USAA coverage for an extended period of time. Policyholders can earn up to 10% just for signing up and up to 30% just for renewing their policies with SafePilot.

Another distinguishing feature is that USAA consistently receives the highest J.D. Power customer satisfaction ratings. Because of its membership requirements, USAA is technically rank-ineligible. Still, for qualified D.C. residents, USAA's exclusive coverage and low rates may make it a top choice.


Erie RateLock is one of Erie's best-selling features, in addition to offering the lowest annual premiums for all drivers in covered states with no membership requirements. Drivers can use it to lock in their premium and avoid rate increases, even if they file a claim. The premium will remain unchanged as long as the registered address, insured vehicles, and drivers remain unchanged. Because premiums will only be adjusted to reflect the add-on, this option may even make purchasing additional coverages, such as personal items, more appealing.

With an AM Best rating of A+ (Superior), D.C. policyholders may have increased confidence in the insurer's ability to make timely claim payouts. This only increases the chances of having a positive insurance experience.


Geico has options for you, no matter what kind of driver you are. It is one of the few insurers that provides military discounts, as well as a slew of others that are relatively easy to obtain. Drivers who are members of one of Geico's more than 500 group partnerships, for example, may be eligible for a special discount. There are also numerous discounts available in the categories of customer loyalty, driver's education, driving history, and vehicle equipment
Drivers may be surprised to learn that they can get cheap car insurance from D.C.'s largest private passenger carrier, but it is possible with Geico. While most coverage is basic, there are some options, such as mechanical breakdown insurance.


Progressive, like its name implies, provides a plethora of useful online and digital car insurance tools. When it comes to choosing coverage, many drivers have a budget in mind, which Progressive makes easier with its Name Your Price tool. Customers who use it can tell it how much they want to pay and receive coverage options that are as close to their insurance needs and budget as possible. Progressive Snapshot can also save drivers an average of $146 per year on premiums by tracking safe driving habits.

In addition to options such as rideshare coverage and a deductible savings bank for policy periods completed without new claims, Progressive insured drivers can easily view their policy and report claims on the go via its mobile app.

State Farm

Despite charging higher rates than the capital's average, State Farm is the D.C. area's second-largest private passenger insurer. This could be a reference to D.C. drivers' trust in the carrier to provide adequate coverage, which could justify the higher price. State Farm also ranks highly, with 881 points out of 1,000.

Drivers can lower their premiums by taking advantage of one or more of State Farm's available discounts, such as insuring a vehicle equipped with safety features and completing an approved driving course. The insurer does not offer many add-ons, but drivers looking for a more robust policy can choose full coverage and purchase roadside assistance for extra protection.

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