Cheapest auto insurance in Kentucky for 2021

 Kentucky, the world's horse capital, is known for more than just bluegrass. It is also one of the worst states to drive in the snow and rain, which are both fairly common weather patterns in the state, with over 3 million licenced drivers. Fortunately, the number of accidents has decreased by 1.4 percent between 2018 and 2019, though most drivers still run the risk of causing property damage in the event of an accident.

Cheapest auto insurance in Kentucky for 2021

It is not uncommon to be involved in a traffic accident in Kentucky, regardless of your driving habits. As a result, adequate insurance coverage is required. Because the increased risk of an accident contributes to higher car insurance rates, Kentucky is also more expensive than most other states.

However, finding cheap car insurance in Kentucky is not impossible. To assist you in your insurance shopping, Bankrate examined some of the state's largest providers by market share to determine which ones provide the cheapest auto insurance in Kentucky. We keep a close eye on the insurance industry and include up-to-date quoted premiums and insurance carrier reviews in our analysis to help you with your research.

Cheapest auto insurance in Kentucky

Kentucky drivers pay significantly more for minimum and full coverage car insurance than the national average. Whereas the national average for minimum coverage is $565 per year and $1,674 for full coverage, Kentucky drivers face rates ranging from $183 to $454 per year higher. 

The average cost of car insurance in Kentucky is $748 per year for minimum coverage and $2,128 per year for full coverage. As a result, cheap car insurance rates are almost every Kentucky driver's dream, but cheap should not mean sacrificing quality.


Geico has been a household name and a trusted provider across the country for 85 years. Its moniker, however, does not come at the expense of Kentucky drivers' wallets, as it offers full coverage premiums that are $560 less than the state average. Though Geico's coverage options are basic, its discounts are plentiful, which means drivers can save even more if the right ones are used.

For example, being accident-free may qualify policyholders for the good driver discount, which can reduce premiums by up to 22%. When you buy a new vehicle, you may be eligible for an additional 15% discount, or possibly more, if you insure it alongside another vehicle on the same policy. Geico consistently ranks high in terms of claim satisfaction and customer service.

Kentucky Farm Bureau

This local insurance provider began by selling policies to farmers, but today, anyone can become a member and enjoy the benefits and discounts for a low monthly fee. Today, Kentucky Farm Bureau writes the second-most car insurance policies in the state, which may reflect the level of trust that most Kentuckians have in it.

Every Kentucky county has an agent, and each policyholder is assigned an agent with whom they can directly communicate, making the service more personalised. Accident-free, good student, defensive driving course, anti-theft devices, driver training, and policy bundling are some of the discounts offered by Kentucky Farm Bureau.

State Farm

State Farm is the largest insurance company in the United States, including Kentucky. Even though its premiums are on the higher end of our list, the average quoted car insurance rates for Kentucky drivers are still significantly lower than the national average for the state. However, drivers may choose State Farm coverage for a variety of reasons, even if it is not the cheapest auto insurance available.

In the 2020 J.D. Power Auto Claims Study, for example, State Farm ranks competitively for customer satisfaction. This demonstrates that, even as a large insurer, the brand prioritises paying claims and keeping customers properly insured. State Farm also has an A++ (Superior) rating from AM Best, which adds to its financial stability. With so many discounts available, drivers are bound to find at least a few that will help them lower their monthly premiums. There are options for students, safe drivers, and those who have installed safety equipment, among others.


Since 1922, USAA has provided affordable insurance to military families. Those who serve in the armed forces or have an immediate family member who serves in the military may become USAA members and qualify for lower-cost full coverage in Kentucky. In Kentucky, the average cost of full coverage car insurance with USAA is $1,466 per year. This organisation not only maintains financial strength, but it also maintains high satisfaction ratings for customer service and value for money. USAA also provides eligible members with a variety of car insurance discounts.

A USAA auto policy may be especially appealing due to the savings options available. Safe driver, new vehicle, annual mileage, family discount, length of membership, military installation, and policy bundling are some of the discounts available in Kentucky. A new telematics programme for safe drivers was recently launched, with the potential to save drivers up to 30% on policy renewal.


Westfield is a smaller regional provider with extensive coverage. Its minimum coverage policies cost an average of $361 per year, making it the most affordable option on our list. However, more robust Westfield policies, such as its convenient Wespak policy, which can bundle loan coverage, trip protection, replacement cost coverage, and even more options to fit your needs, are also worthwhile.

Standard Westfield Kentucky auto insurance policies include all mandatory coverages as well as roadside assistance. Policyholders may be more impressed by its high customer satisfaction ratings in the North Central region, which outperform larger national providers by several points. Drivers may also choose Westfield for motorcycle insurance and RV and camper insurance due to its excellent customer service.

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