AC Schnitzer BMW M8 Competition

 The BMW M8 Competition is already a fantastic car with incredible power, great styling, and classic BMW practicality. That is insufficient for some. AC Schnitzer, a tuning company that upgrades BMWs for increased performance and improved styling, allows prospective customers to witness their BMW M8 achieve true supercar performance... for a fee, of course. 

AC Schnitzer BMW M8 Competition

These upgrades maintain the BMW formula while making it a car capable of competing with supercars costing twice as much. Some of the best features of the AC Schnitzer BMW M8 Competition are listed below.

The Best Features Of The AC Schnitzer BMW M8 Competition

Number 1
Anyone who is seriously considering the programme might be interested to know that it is widely available.

Despite its German name, the programme is not only available in Europe, but also in Asia, the Middle East, and the United States. The US headquarters are in Florida, but there is also a workshop in Canada.

Number 2
The purchase of the BMW M8 Schnitzer programme is definitely something that should be considered because, while it isn't cheap, it offers some great value that other cars can't match.

For starters, your BMW M8 Competition will cost around $130,000 to purchase. After you factor in the Schnitzer upgrades, the price will range between $20,000 and $30,000, depending on which options you choose to forego. A maximum price of around $160,000 may appear expensive, but keep in mind that the M8 will have 720 hp, which is more than an Aston Martin DBS Superleggera, a Ferrari 488 Pista, and even a McLaren 720S.

This gives it true supercar performance, but what these cars lack is BMW's exceptional comfort and interior, as well as seating for multiple passengers and a spacious trunk. After that, the $300,000 minimum for any of the aforementioned cars makes the AC Schnitzer BMW M8 appear to be a steal.

Number 3
Schnitzer has made some suspension changes to improve grip at high speeds, further improving the track performance and ride of the BMW M8. 

The upgraded suspension system also lowers the car by about 0.8 inch, which improves the centre of gravity and feel when driving fast. It will undoubtedly make the car more responsive and provide a firmer ride overall, so keep this in mind if comfort is a priority.

Number 4
There are a few interior changes on the M8, but they are much more subtle than the changes elsewhere on the car.

AC Schnitzer BMW M8 Competition

The AC Schnitzer gearshift paddles, updated aluminium pedals, an aluminium footrest, and even your own AC Schnitzer keyholder will be added to the M8. The interior upgrades, however, stop here, as the rest of the car is standard BMW M8 spec.

Number 5

Some upgrades are required to handle the car's 100 hp increase, and the most important may be the sports wheels and tyres.
Schnitzer has added their own 21-inch wheels as well as 275/30 R21 and 285/30 R21 front and rear sports tyres to help keep the power on the road. There are three design options available as well: AC3 flow-forming wheels BiColor, Type VIII lightweight forged rims, and AC3 Evo lightweight forged wheels. You can also choose from some 20-inch wheel options if you want.

Number 6 

Anyone looking to spend money on these upgrades is usually looking for either bragging rights, speed, or both, and the specs for your newly updated M8 should provide both in spades. The BMW M8 Competition's standard 0-60 mph time is around 3 seconds, which is still excellent. However, with the Schnitzer programme, the M8 accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in less than 2.5 seconds, and the 155 mph electronically limited top speed is removed, with the car now capable of exceeding 190 mph, providing true supercar speed in the form of a BMW. Track performance, as well as straight line speed, should improve dramatically as a result of the numerous handling upgrades.

Number 7 

The standard BMW M8 competition has around 620 hp, which I think we can all agree is plenty, but the Schnitzer programme takes the power to an absurd level with engine upgrades. 

The resulting hardware upgrades boost the 4.4-liter V8 to 720 hp, a 100-hp increase. Changes are even needed to help improve the emissions to keep the M8 in line with legal regulations in order to make the upgrades road legal.

Number 8 

When it comes to programme upgrades, there are some more subtle changes. As expected, these will improve weight, styling, and aerodynamics slightly. 

The front spoiler is made of thermal plastic, while the rear spoiler is made of polyurethane. The body kit also includes carbon fibre side skirt extensions. The looks are still fantastic, and the minor enhancements fit the style of the base car without being excessive.

Number 9
The programme includes an upgraded exhaust with the goal of improving styling and lowering the car's overall weight.
The rear features a quad sports exhaust system with a stainless steel silencer and four massive tailpipes in chrome, black ceramic, or even carbon fibre. The lower, deeper sounds give the car a much more sporty edge and make it look even better.

AC Schnitzer BMW M8 Competition

Number 10 

The Schnitzer programme is essentially a tuning and performance programme aimed at improving the already excellent BMW M8.
This implies that it is available for the BMW M8 Coupe, Cabriolet, and Gran Coupé. Interior changes, as well as suspension and engine upgrades, are all part of the upgrade process.

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