The BMW M8 Competition Is The Most Stylish Sports Car

With a starting price of $147,995, the M8 combines all of the features that Bavarians are known for, and it's a no-brainer for the fortunate few who can afford it.

The BMW M8 Competition has been making waves in the luxury sports car segment since its debut in 2018. The previous top-spec 6-Series coupe was replaced by BMW's top-tier version of their flagship 8 Series. With a starting price of $147,995, it's out of reach for most car enthusiasts, but for the fortunate few who can afford it, it's a no-brainer.

The BMW M8 Competition Is The Most Stylish Sports Car

It was the most potent BMW production.

Superlatives are important when determining which model is the best. The M8 Competition checks that box right away, as it was the most powerful production car to ever roll off the assembly line at the time of its release. Its engine produces 625 horsepower, which is transferred to the ground via an automatic transmission and electronically controlled differentials.

It is no longer the most powerful production BMW, having been surpassed by the new BMW M5 CS, which debuted a few months ago. However, with only 2 horsepower more than the M8 Competition, the difference in driving experience is negligible.

The BMW M8 Competition Is Practical

The M8 Competition is one of the best luxury super GTs to live with on a daily basis. There are four seats available, though the two rear seats are a little too cramped to be used on a daily basis.

There's also 420L of trunk space, which may appear to be an insignificant feature. However, because the M8 Competition is designed for long-distance driving, it's critical that there's enough space for whatever needs to come along for the ride. So, it appears that the flagship BMW checks all the right boxes in terms of both everyday usability and performance. Is it the best sports car the company has ever produced?It's possible.

Carbon Fiber can be found everywhere 

It's very simple for a manufacturer to run a car by using low-cost materials in a supposedly premium product, but BMW doesn't do that. The M8 Competition is covered in gleaming carbon fibre, from the accents on the exterior to the centre console in the cabin.

There's also plenty of pinpoint accuracy metal plating and soft-touch leather on surfaces that the driver will touch. The only drawback is that, unlike some of Beemer's other models, it does not come with a crystal gear shifter. However, it's possible to specify one as a special request at the dealership.

The seats of the M8 Competition

The M8 Competition's seats are a remarkably cool feature, as they are fully adjustable for each driver and passenger. They are intended to keep occupants firmly in place during hard cornering while remaining comfortable on long highway journeys.

They adjust not only in height but also in width, allowing passengers of all shapes and sizes to find the ideal fit. Anyone who lives in colder climates has access to a variety of heating options, which include everything from the seats to the armrests.

Rear-wheel drive ( Drift Mood )

As much as the M8 Competition is configured to be precise and refined in every situation, every performance car driver has a time when they just want to show off. Rest assured, the M8 has that covered as well.

There's an option to switch to RWD-only mode, which is basically a free pass to start shredding rubber right away. With that kind of power being sent to the rear wheels, a small push of the throttle will be all it takes to get those tyres spinning. Just make sure there's a fresh set on hand for the drive home.

Every Driver Assist feature can be disabled

On the subject of bravado, drivers who prefer a more traditional driving experience without all of the advanced driver aids can simply turn them all off. There's also a track-specific mode that disables all automatic assists that might interfere if a driver clips an apex during cornering, for example.
The BMW M8 Competition Is The Most Stylish Sports Car

However, for everyday driving, it's strongly advised to keep those assists turned on, especially since they're so comprehensive. As a flagship vehicle, every assistive technology available from BMW is included, which means an M8 C driver will have access to the same assistive technology as the chauffeur of a top-spec 7 Series limousine.

The M8 Competition is made for long-distance travel

The M8 Competition is intended for long-distance driving, and as such, it must be able to outrun anything else on a German autobahn alongside it. Most drivers will want to opt for the Driver's Package, which will cost only a few thousand dollars more to ensure they get the most out of their new car.

That money includes an upgrade that allows the car to reach its full top speed of 189 MPH, as well as a day of specialist driver training at one of BMW's driving schools. That's just to ensure that the car's new owner is prepared to handle all of that speed.

There's A Coupe And A Convertible

Even though a coupe car is great, the weather occasionally necessitates a more open-top driving experience. Thankfully, a convertible M8 Competition is available for those sunny days, and it's just as insane as its hard-top sibling. It retains all of its power and handling capabilities.

The problem is that adding a convertible to the M8 Competition's already exorbitant price tag will push it much higher, to the point where it's almost as expensive as a secondhand supercar. However, for those with the means, an M8 will offer a greater balance of utility and performance than any supercar could.

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