Review of the 2021 Porsche Macan GTS

The updated GTS model demonstrates that crossovers do not have to be sacrificed.A typical dilemma for a car enthusiast is selling the sports car to purchase something more practical and family-friendly. It is one of the fears that would keep car enthusiasts awake at night. In most cases, this entails selling the two-seater convertible in order to purchase something more suitable for a growing family.

Review of the 2021 Porsche Macan GTS

Perhaps even converting the two-car garage to a single-vehicle household will have to be considered. It may appear that sacrificing fun for functionality is the only way forward. The updated 2021 Porsche Macan GTS may be the saving grace for enthusiasts who have been kept awake at night by this potential scenario.

Review of the 2021 Porsche Macan GTS

It's not as if Porsche doesn't have a vested interest in this scenario. Consider how many people had to give up their cherished 911, Cayman, or Boxster in order to make room for their family.Why shouldn't Porsche provide something inside their own brand that meets these people's needs? Owners would not only be in a car from a premium brand, but they would also be in one of the best driving small crossovers on the market today.

The Porsche Macan is built on the same MQB platform as many Audi products, including the Q5. However, Porsche claims that 70% of the Macan's components differ from those found in the Q5. Furthermore, the Macan is manufactured in a completely different factory with much stricter quality control.After driving multiple versions of the Q5 and SQ5, the Macan feels nothing like its distant cousins, either inside or out
The new GTS was introduced in 2020, and it did away with the 3.0-liter turbocharged V6, which is now reserved for the Macan S. The new engine produces 375 horsepower from a twin-turbocharged hot-vee 2.9-liter V6 and retains the well-known 7-speed dual clutch PDK transmission. The Porsche developed rear-bias all-wheel-drive powertrain sends 383 lb-ft of torque to each wheel.

In 2019, the Macan received a mid-life update that included suspension improvements, a new 10.9-inch touchscreen, and slightly altered styling.

The GTS also comes standard with air suspension, exclusive 20" black rims, glossy black exterior trim, and plenty of Alcantara trimmings throughout the interior. Because the GTS is a more focused variant of the Macan, its overall stiffness is 10% higher than that of the Macan S.This GTS starts around $72,100 and comes with a long list of options, bringing its as-tested price to just under $81,000.

Like all Porsche products, many features that cross shoppers have come to expect as standard equipment in many of Porsche's competitors are listed as options. Among the notable options are the panoramic sunroof ($1,500), Carmine Red paint ($2,800), 18-way seats ($1,550), and Sport Chrono ($1,230).

Car Enthusiasts Have Nothing to Worry About

The Porsche Macan GTS is a highly desirable and well-thought-out vehicle. There's no doubt that those looking for a sports car replacement in the form of a crossover will find the Macan GTS to have more than one enjoyable feature.

Though there are a plethora of competitors to the Macan with more space, horsepower, technology, and safety features, there isn't much that compares to the Macan GTS's entertaining drive. If you need to sell your Boxster to make room for your growing family, the Macan GTS may be the best option. This press car was provided by Porsche Canada's press fleet.

A Porsche Driving Experience to Remember

For those concerned about losing driving engagement when driving the Macan GTS, there is no need to be concerned: the driving experience of the Macan GTS is a total thrill. The 2.9-liter V6 exhaust and engine noise are rich and honest, providing enough justification to push the GTS to redline on every shift.

The needle on a physical tachometer revs up and down with vigour, and timing the perfect shift point is always satisfying. The turbocharged response is mostly seamless, with all of the happy noises one would expect from a forced induction system.

Although the PDK gearbox lacks the engagement of a manual transmission, there is just as much motivation to get it right as there is to master a heel-and-toe rev-matched downshift.

If you miss a pull on the paddle at redline, the PDK will not upshift instantly; it will want you to get it correctly. The PDK will not upshift if the driver maintains speed in a higher gear while attempting to keep the turbocharger engaged as a priority.The ability of Porsche to create a tiny crossover entertaining to drive is not unique in this class, but the Macan GTS may be the only compact crossover that seems inherently competent.

Even when the driver does not feel the need to push the GTS, the weighting and precision of the steering, as well as the engaging, tightly-bound suspension, maintain the Macan GTS's fundamental character present at all times.

The Macan GTS will give enough smiles to keep virtually all driving aficionados happy, but it will not be so demanding that secondary drivers will feel stressed by the feelings from behind the wheel. Anyone may enjoy the Macan GTS as a "good drive" without ever having to experience the entire range of what the Porsche is capable of.

Review of the 2021 Porsche Macan GTS
Aside from the driving experience, the inside of the Macan is discreetly designed and very well-made. The new 10.9-inch touchscreen is uncomplicated, with lightning-fast reactions and crisp, clear visuals. With clusters for climate settings, fan direction, and individual selection of driving modes and functions, the array of buttons down down the centre console isn't as daunting as you might imagine.

Personally, I think the wide area in the steering wheel's three spokes is the most appealing aspect of the Macan GTS. Visibility is excellent in all directions, and the front row is quite friendly to tall drivers. For individuals over six feet tall, the optional 18-way chairs increase the experience even further.

The lack of second row capacity may be the most significant disadvantage of the Macan, since it will be enough for youngsters but insufficient for taller people. However, the Macan's utility is not compromised. The back seats fold freely, and the trunk capacity is excellent, thanks to a space-saving spare wheel hidden beneath the false floor.

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