Here Is Why We Adore Lamborghini Urus

Discover why the Lamborghini Urus is the company's best-selling model.Lamborghini's latest model, the Urus, was only released three years ago, but the automaker recently announced that production of this vehicle had surpassed 15,000 units. 
Here Is Why We Adore Lamborghini Urus

As a result, the Urus is now the most widely known Lamborghini of all time, making it the Italian automaker's best vehicle in many ways.
The Urus, according to Lamborghini, is destined for British customers and features a matte grey paint finish with bright green headlights. It will undoubtedly stand out on British highways.

The Lambo SUV, which was unveiled late in 2017 and launched in July 2018, delivered 4,962 units in its first full year of production. To give Lamborghini credit where credit is due, they put in a lot of effort on this model.

Despite the global automotive market's doom and gloom as a result of the lockdown, Urus sales are up 35% compared to the first half of 2020. However, when compared to other vehicles, the Urus outsold the Huracan (1,532) and Aventador (524) combined in the first half.

Meanwhile, 48 Urus sales were recorded in Australia last year, out of a total of 111 across the brand. The Urus must have some characteristics that make it such a popular car at this time. So, what exactly are they?
The Interior and Exterior of the Lamborghini Urus

Lamborghini is undoubtedly proud of the amount of comfort that the Urus provides. It has excellent visibility, a trunk with more than 600 litres of space, and can comfortably transport up to five adults.
Drivers can opt for electric memory sports seats (standard and 12-way adjustable) or more luxurious 18-way-adjustable front seats. The former offers an incredible combination of comfort and support.

The vehicle's dashboard has the same Lamborghini-trademark hexagonal design motif recurring from its air vents and cupholders to its instrument binnacle. A thin-spoked steering wheel sits in front of a driving position that is much higher than the Italian automotive company is used to.If drivers do not feel like they are driving a supercar by this point, they will never feel like they are.
Here Is Why We Adore Lamborghini Urus

In addition, the Lamborghini Infotainment System III (LIS III) features two high-resolution touchscreens, one directly above the other. The top screen controls the majority of the system's features, while the secondary screen primarily controls the climate settings and a variety of other shortcuts.It's no surprise that the Urus sells so well because its technology far outperforms that of other vehicles' infotainment systems.

The Engine, Performance, and Handling of the Lamborghini Urus

The Lamborghini model has active anti-roll bars that eliminate lateral wallowing in corners and slacken off to allow more freedom off-road, as well as rear-wheel steering to sharpen turn-in responses. Using the Tamburo, the driver can select drive modes with approximately six settings.

This refers to the various controls on the centre console that provide different chassis and powertrain presets for tarmac, sport and track driving, and snow, gravel, or sand. As a result, the Urus is suitable for a wide range of applications.

The Urus corners impressively flat and hard with stunning grip thanks to accurate and well-weighted steering. It is also astonishingly agile, responding quickly to changes in direction while remaining confidently stable
Lamborghini Urus
Behind the wheel, the eight-speed automatic transmission works quietly in the background.

The Engine

In terms of the Urus' engine, Lamborghini has modified the Porsche Cayenne Turbo's V8 for its installation here, increasing power to 641 BHP and torque to an eye-watering 850 Nm. The result is a 0-62 MPH sprint time of 3.6 seconds and a claimed top speed of 190 MPH, accompanied by an appropriately threatening bellow from the exhaust when the sportier driving modes are selected.

It's no surprise that the Urus has become Lamborghini's best-selling model of all time. It has an eye-catching design, excellent performance and handling, and a powerful engine. This model could be yours if you have $240,000 to spare.

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