Jay-Z and Beyoncé own the most expensive car in the world

 A $28 million car provides Hip-Hop powered couples with everything they might need for a romantic picnic in the park. Rolls-Royce revealed a nautical-themed Rolls-Royce stern picnic car and rumors about who owns the car have been flying around. This is the most expensive new car on the market in the world, and there are rumors that this car was designed by three people and two of them can take it home. Celebrity couple Jay-Z and Beyoncé are the proud new owners of this car.

The Boat-Tail Car

 It is rumored that the price of this car is about 28 million U.S. dollars, and the hip-hop couple may now own it. We will look at this car, what features it has, and some of the reasons why it is considered to be designed and built for this power couple. A $28 million car, which provides Hip-Hop powered couples with everything they might need for a romantic picnic in the park.

The Boat-Tail Car

An industry insider recounted why people believe that the Carters own this gorgeous new luxury car because it is equipped with details that match some of their favorite things. According to reports, the car was built for the Mediterranean road on the French Riviera. The refrigerator at the back is refrigerated at 6 degrees, which is very suitable for a bottle or two of champagne. And they can save their favorite Armand de Brignac vintage, which is another reason why the rumors seem to be true. 

Information about the performance of this car or the engine of this car has not yet been announced. Although not said so, but due to its unique appearance and features, the hype for this car is huge. Torsten Müller-Ötvös, the CEO of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, had this view of the stern, “The most ambitious project to date. Coachbuild and its Customer cooperation ignores all preconceived possibilities and sets new standards. This is the purest customization."

The color
According to reports, Alex Innes is the head of Coachbuild Design. He said: “Capturing the customer’s personality is fundamental. Coachbuild takes this principle to the highest level. This is an artistic skill unique to Rolls-Royce.” This sentence comes to mind. If we have to look at the color of the car, it is a gorgeous marine blue with sparkling crystals. The edges of the car have softened because someone moved their fingers along the edges before the color was set.
The Boat-Tail Car

One can assume that this color was chosen to pay tribute to their beautiful baby girl Blue-Ivy. The interior of the car is also blue, with a black tone, which helps to set off the color well. The two colors match well and make each other stand out.

The Interior Features

It seems that this car does not have any cooler, just press a button, the deck will open and display what Rolls-Royce is talking about the managed suite. There is a box full of good things in this suite, which can accommodate a premium picnic park or mountain top. The box has a refrigerator filled with aperitifs and delicacies. The tableware is even engraved with the name "Stern". To complete this elegant picnic feature, the cocktail table opens the side of the cart so you can use two stools.

The Boat-Tail Car

 In order to link the whole experience together, there is a pair of clocks in the car, which can be disassembled and worn as his and her timepieces. This is what we can all see that Queen B requires this feature. This car has a shortcoming. There is no button to switch between closed and open sky modes. This means that if you want to be top-down, you have to manually remove it and keep it at home.

When Jay-Z and Beyonce drive to their favorite picnic spot, they will have to hope that the weather is good. If it does start to rain, the car does have a temporary trunk cover that can provide some protection for the car when it is parked.

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