The Most beautiful cars in the world

Aesthetics are subjective, but these amazing cars fit our definition of beauty and shimmering

Alfa 8C 2900 Mille Miglia – 1938 

Over the years, there have been many beautiful Alfa Romeos (Alfa Romeos), but one of the highlights selected from the spectacular long-established product portfolio was the car that won the 1938 Italian endurance race of the famous Mille Miglia in Italy. The 8C2900 is derived from Alfa's 8C Grand Prix car, and is a powerful 8-cylinder inline 2.9-liter inline engine with dual superchargers

The Most beautiful cars in the world

 The Alfa Corse factory racing team entered four teams at the Mille in 1938, including the engine running the latest Tipo 308 295bhp Grand Prix, which is Clement Biendi Clemente Biondetti (Clemente Biondetti) drove the championship, in addition to the 8C 2900 MM in second place-the other two were unfinished. The minimalist gorgeous sports car body of the MM racer is made by Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera 

Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder SWB – 1960

Ferrari has an incredibly glamorous rear car, but the Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder is one of the most desirable models of all time, thanks to the beautiful open two-seater body created by Scaglietti's body builder guide . In fact, any one of the Ferrari 250 sports car and racing car should have a place on this list, because the three-liter V12 engine-powered series includes lighting equipment such as 250 Testa Rossa and 250 GTO

The Most beautiful cars in the world

As the name suggests, the California variant was designed for the American market. The long-wheelbase version introduced in 1957 was replaced by a cuter short-wheelbase in 1960, which benefited from disc brakes and a higher 276bhp version of the V12

Jaguar XK120 – 1954

Jaguar was on track in the late 1940s, on the verge of Le Mans' first pair of victories won in the early 1950s, and was eager to build on the growing demand for indulgence and entertainment after the war. . It responded at the 1948 London Motor Show, launching a clumsy two-seater roadster model, initially as a model for its new XK six-cylinder engine

The Most beautiful cars in the world

 This car was widely praised and named after the XK120 officially put into production-the XK120 was named after the MPH maximum speed with the windshield removed

Mercedes-Benz 540K Spezial Roadster – 1936

Mercedes-Benz 540K is an amazing supercharged monster released by a German company in 1936. Although it has a variety of cabriolet, station wagon and limousine configurations, it is nothing more attractive and attractive than the Spezial roadster version. The expected version. This is the ultimate symbol of the pre-war automobile waste. It has a flowing long-tail two-seater body and an in-line eight-cylinder engine with a driver-operated supercharger to improve performance

The Most beautiful cars in the world

 At that time, although many luxury cars used to be commissioned by third-party car manufacturers for body decoration, Mercedes of Sindelfingen hired a large number of in-house craftsmen to create custom commissions. Today, the 540K Spezial roadster has become one of the most cherished and favorite cars in the world

Bugatti Type 57 Atlantic

Art Deco lovers linger, the folds of this Bugatti 57 touring model, the fin-shaped coupe derivative products are rich in lines. In the late 1930s, four Atlantic Oceans were built after Jean Bugatti's similar Aerolithe show car was unveiled at the Paris Salon in 1935

The Most beautiful cars in the world

 The prototype is made of a magnesium alloy called Elektron, which is lightweight but flammable at high temperatures, so it cannot be welded. Instead, the body panels were rivets, with fasteners protruding from the car’s now iconic dorsal fin. Similar to the four Atlantic Coupes produced by Aerolithe, they are made of aluminum but retain visible rivets

Corvette Stingray – 1963

Compared with its European competitors, sports car fans do not have any comments on the handling of the Chevrolet Corvette-after all, it is named after a warship. From an aesthetic point of view, the Corvette has always been able to deliver, perhaps never better than the camouflage of the iconic split coupe (aka the original stingray). 1963 was the year Chevrolet launched its MkII Corvette, and the coupe variant was the first. GM’s design guru Bill Mitchell supervised this style

The Most beautiful cars in the world

 Although he thought the dual-pane rear screen was essential, it was discarded for a single rear window a year later. Since then, the '63 Stingray Coupe has become one of Corvettes' most collectible models, and you only need to look at it to know why

Hispano H6B ‘Tulipwood’ – 1924

The name Hispano-Suiza is highly regarded among luxury car fans made between World War I and World War II, and its imposing H6 model was produced from 1919 to 1933. The company is known for its technologically advanced methods, including light aircraft engines and power assisted brakes-industry firsts

The Most beautiful cars in the world

 The H6B is the most powerful 8-liter variant that inspired the establishment of five racing versions, one of which set an international speed record, including an average speed of 92 mph at 300 miles per hour at Brooklands in 1924. The fabulous H6B Tulipwood is the racing driver Florio who entered Targa in 1924. Its driver Andre Dubonnet requires his weight not to exceed 45 kg. The result is this amazing wooden torpedo sports car

 Bentley R-Type Continental – 1952

The magnificent Type R Continental was once the fastest four-seater passenger car in the world and probably the most expensive at the time. It set the standard for British carmakers in the early 1950s. It is based on the R-type "standard steel" four-door sedan chassis, but has an upgraded 4.5-liter straight six-cylinder engine that can provide speeds of up to 120nph. The body is entirely built by H.J. Mulliner, and it uses a lightweight trunk designed under the influence of the latest aerodynamic tests in the Rolls-Royce wind tunnel

The Most beautiful cars in the world

 This is a rare and beautiful machine with only 208 chassis numbers recorded, and only a few R-Type Contis bodies are provided by external suppliers. One of them is the wonderful example of Franay in the picture, which was recently sold at Bonhams auction

Cadillac Eldorado – 1959

For those who like American finfish, the situation is no better than the fourth-generation Cadillac Eldorado series launched in 1959. advertising For starters, car cooling fins have not become bigger. For the giant Eldorado land yacht, they are ideal installation points for Cadillac’s iconic rocket taillights

The Most beautiful cars in the world

 Maybe some of the tastes are a bit too much, but Eldorado has stimulated the American dream of many Americans. The sales of the 5.7-meter, 2.4-ton convertible proves this. In addition to the successful success of Crysler's similar design, the "59 Caddy" signifies that it has a wider and lower profile than previous models

Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa

There is no doubt that the most valuable and expensive classic cars in history are also the most beautiful. The racing Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa is a car that can tick two boxes. It is very rare and eye-catching. The aluminum body sports car is the successor to the successful 750 Monza, using Ferrari's most advanced 3.0 V12 Colombo engine at the time, with the tongue tightly carved under the hood

The Most beautiful cars in the world

In its heyday, the 250 TR won 10 World Sports Car Championship races, including three Le Mans 24 Hours and Targa Florio (Targa Florio). At that time, only 22 of the 250 TR were manufactured. This was the early body of Scaglietti, with obvious "float" front wings on both sides of the F1-style nose. Since 1959, Pininfarina's redesigned sports car-style front end has given it higher aerodynamics 

BMW 507- 1956

Over the years, BMW has made many high-end cars, but it can be said that it is not as beautiful as the 507 sports car. It is so charming that it has attracted Elvis Presley, Fred Aster, and John. Buyers including Derek and Constantine II of Greece. In the production process from 1946 to 1960, only about 250 examples of the V8 engine 507 were sold, mainly because its manufacturing cost far exceeded BMW's plan. This convertible sports car was conceived at the request of an American importer

The Most beautiful cars in the world

He wanted BMW to use the Mercedes 300SL, but due to the hand-made aluminum body, the price of the 507 was twice the market price. In fact, 507 almost bankrupted BMW, giving industrialist Harald Quandt the opportunity to control the company-his children still have a majority stake

Porsche 356 Speedster – 1954

Porsche's first production sports car was the 356, which was produced in 1948 until the 912/911 model came out in 1965. The 356 was originally developed as a two-door coupe, and since 1954 it has been offered under the name of Speedster at the request of the American importer Max Hoffman

The Most beautiful cars in the world

 Porsche responded with an excellent Speedster model, with its famous low-tilt front windshield and bucket seat interior, which was an immediate success. Part of the 356 Speedster's legend is the car's connection with James Dean by the fireplace in the 1950s movies, but that Porsche is undoubtedly photogenic in itself. Various tributes to the 356 Speedster include many replicas made over the years, as well as the highly collectible Porsche 911 version

 Mercedes 710 SSK Trossi Roadster – 1930

The Mercedes SSK was one of the most fascinating cars of the 1920s and late 1930s, not to mention that it was one of the most acclaimed sports machines of the time. It was designed by Ferdinand Porsche, and this was his last attempt for Mercedes before he left Mercedes. Most of the interior of the SSK is a lightweight racing car body, but this was purchased by Count Carlo Trossi, the future president of the Ferrari team, and was redesigned into his own design in 1930

The Most beautiful cars in the world

 In the 1930s, European automakers widely copied the fabulous teardrop cues of this car, and the trend-setting Trossi Roadster is now in the Ralph Lauren series. It was restored in the 1990s and has since won several important international high-level elegance competitions

Duesenberg Model J

People no longer say "this is a fool", but when this sentence is expressed as an outstanding performance, the Dusenberg Model J is the car it refers to. Model J was sold between 1928 and 1937 after the company was folded, and is known as one of the most powerful and luxurious cars in the world

The Most beautiful cars in the world

 Its technology and exquisite craftsmanship are comparable to those of Rolls-Royce and Hispano- Suiza is comparableThe power comes from a seven-liter inline eight-cylinder engine, which has been supercharged to provide 320bhp since 1932 and has a top speed of 140mph. However, the impact and sequelae of the Great Depression limited the sales of this magnificent machine. Nevertheless, well-known owners include Howard Hughes, Clark Gable, Greta Garbo and the Duke of Windsor, and Al Capone

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