Best car insurance in Indiana 2021

 As of 2018, Indiana had 4,589,405 licensed drivers, of which male drivers accounted for 49.10% and female drivers accounted for 50.90%. In terms of overall driver safety in 2018, Indiana drivers ranked top, which is why the average car insurance premium in Indiana is lower than the national average

Best car insurance in Indiana 2021

It seem to be expensive when shopping for car insurance policies. You need to consider the types and amounts of insurance to be included in the policy, as well as the deductible amounts for each type of insurance

Best car insurance companies in Indiana

Auto-Owners Insurance

Auto-Owners Insurance is a reliable option for car insurance, which can provide high customer satisfaction. The company offers a variety of insurance options, including gap insurance, value insurance reduction and new car replacement. However, it’s important to note that Car Owners Insurance does not currently provide a quote online. You will have to find a local agent to get a quote and register for insurance


In terms of overall customer satisfaction, Erie's ranking is also much higher than average, which is not difficult to understand. The company offers an impressive range of discounts and coverage. One of Erie's best products is its Erie Rate Lock, which ensures that your interest rate will not increase solely due to your policy claims. However, Erie's disadvantage is that it lags behind its competitors in terms of digital tools. You cannot submit most claims online-you must contact your Erie agent or Erie hotline


For many reasons, GEICO really stands out in auto insurance. First, in terms of customer satisfaction, the company is second only to USAA. GEICO is also widely known in the industry for some of the lowest prices. The company offers various discounts to help customers further reduce premiums. Unfortunately, the company lacks many of the coverage provided by other companies. GEICO does not provide difference insurance, accident forgiveness or ride protection

Indiana Farm Bureau

If supporting local businesses is important to you, then Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance may be for you. Although smaller than its peers on this list, the company still ranks among the best in terms of customer satisfaction in the northern and central regions. Indiana Farm Bureau is particularly popular with drivers in Indiana-according to the Insurance Information Institute,Indiana Farm Bureau has an impressive 7.3% of the Indiana auto insurance market


USAA is one of the most acclaimed insurance companies in the country, with excellent customer satisfaction, prices, coverage and discounts. USAA insurance only applies to military personnel and veterans, which means that certain drivers will not be eligible for insurance. But for those companies that do this, USAA is a well-known provider in terms of quality and price

Average auto insurance costs in Indiana 

Indiana is one of the cheapest states in the United States for auto insurance, partly because of its low population density and highly competitive insurance market. Drivers in Indiana can expect to pay only $354 per year for minimum liability insurance and $1,281 per year for average full insurance. It is cheaper than the national average car insurance cost, which has a full insurance cost of $1,738

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