Best car insurance in Florida for 2021

Florida presents many challenges for drivers. It is frequently hit by tropical rains and hurricanes, is the second highest gathering place for drivers over 60 years old, and the third largest state for licensed drivers in the country. Florida is also the second most expensive state. The minimum insurance premium for cars is $1,101 and the average annual premium for full insurance is $2,364. However, if you are willing to do some research and compare shopping, you can save on car insurance

Best car insurance in Florida for 2021

Best car insurance companies in Florida


Allstate offers a wide range of standard car insurance options, provides members and non-members with an excellent web page display of various tools and useful information, as well as many simple and practical ways for members to save premiums. Drivers with Allstate insurance can manage their insurance policies digitally, install safety equipment and use safe driving habits to join the company's safe driving club, thereby saving money. There are even potential recurring bonuses for policyholders who have been insured for six months without accidents. With Allstate's policies and savings options, it makes sense why its customer reviews will make the company the number one in Florida. The only thing Allstate gets an average rating is its price, which is not a big factor because it offers a lot of discounts


Although Progressive is not the cheapest auto insurance company on the list based on average rate data, its revenue and customer service levels seem to balance costs. For a long time, Progressive has been known for its outstanding customer service. It chose to pay insurance premiums in installments, 24/7 customer service, and public accessibility, resulting in high customer satisfaction. Progressive discounts provide drivers with many benefits. Students, soldiers, homeowners, boat owners and drivers with a history of accidents will receive discounts that can be used for car insurance premiums


 MetLife tops the list with the highest annual average full auto insurance rate, but its flexible coverage may provide Florida motorists with the financial confidence they need. Metropolitan Life provides general and some special add-ons for auto insurance policies. These add-ons may increase your premium expenditures, but at the same time can help ensure that your coverage is fully personalized to meet your needs. For example, drivers of vehicles in Florida that require major repairs may benefit from MetLife’s major parts replacement range, which covers parts such as tires or batteries, regardless of the condition at the time of the accident

State Farm

State Farm helps young drivers and students save money by participating in defensive driving courses and becoming excellent students. For example, you can perform all the actions you need through its mobile app, including filing a claim, making a payment, updating policies, and requesting roadside assistance


Geico ranks second among Florida suppliers and has received overwhelmingly positive feedback on customer service. This is just one of several beneficial aspects for providers. For example, in addition to cars, you can also insure delivery vans, boats, personal boats, all-terrain vehicles, RVs, and even motorcycles. In addition, you can save on your insurance policy in a variety of ways each year, including special discounts for federal employees, active or retired military personnel, or students with good grades 

Average car insurance costs in Florida

 Car insurance premiums enable drivers in Florida to receive a minimum coverage of US$1,101 and full coverage of US$2,364 per year. Compared with the average cost of auto insurance in the United States, drivers in Florida pay higher insurance costs. The difference between the cost of Florida and the average annual cost of full insurance in the United States is nearly $700

 The increase in premiums may be partly due to Florida's coastal areas and their sensitivity to severe weather such as tropical storms, hurricanes and tornadoes. Compared with other states in the United States, Florida has the highest storm surge risk as of 2020. Whether it is a tropical storm or squally wind and hail, many drivers in Florida have to file claims for weather-related incidents. If you want to save on insurance by finding the most affordable car insurance, check out providers who offer the cheapest car insurance policies in Florida

Florida also has a large number of uninsured drivers. In fact, this is the highest in the United States, with 26.7% of drivers without insurance. This alone increases the insurance cost

Florida minimum insurance requirements

Florida is a no-fault state, which means that no matter who is responsible for the accident, everyone involved in the case has the responsibility to file a claim against their own insurance company to compensate for any losses. For this reason, Florida has minimum insurance requirements to protect its large number of drivers and passengers on the road. The minimum coverage of the state includes at least:

 The $10,000 Personal Injury Protection (PIP) covers you regardless of whether the accident was at fault. Therefore, PIP is also known as Florida no-fault insurance

 Property damage liability (PDL) of US$10,000 to compensate for damage to other people’s property

 Although Florida’s minimum required insurance coverage puts the state’s already high premiums in a dilemma, drivers may find themselves paying higher out-of-pocket costs after more serious accidents with injuries or losses that exceed the minimum, while it is impossible to plan for serious accidents such as car accidents in advance, buying additional insurance in advance, including collision and comprehensive insurance, can help minimize accidental losses

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