Best Affordable Luxury Rides In The Used Car Market

Buying a second-hand luxury car may be a bit of a gamble, but if you look around, there are plenty of bargains. Compared with ordinary vehicles, luxury cars offer better quality, comfort, performance, equipment, convenience and status. Although their prices are higher than those of ordinary brands, their ranking reflects the personality of the car and the brand image of the manufacturer 

1995 BMW 850CSi

850CSi is the top 8 series model. It is equipped with strong springs and shock absorbers, which can reduce the driving height of the car. The 850CSi also has a staggered star caster, four round stainless steel exhaust pipes, a ventilated brake with a floating front disc, an oil cooler, remodeled rearview mirrors, two-tone interiors and sports seats. The 850CSi has a naturally aspirated V12 engine that sends 380 horsepower to the rear wheels through a six-speed manual transmission

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2015 Alfa Romeo 4C

4C marks Alfa Romeo's return to the US and North American markets. It is known for its lightweight carbon fiber monocoque structure, which provides impeccable handling. The standard configuration of the Romeo 4C includes a front instrument panel with side air intakes, a race-adjusted suspension, front and rear swing bars, sports seats with microfiber, leather-wrapped door panels, racing exhaust, and carbon fiber rear Spoiler and mirror cover, as well as re-adjusted suspension

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 Romeo 4C has a 1.8-liter turbocharged inline four-cylinder engine that can produce 237bhp of torque and 258lb-ft of torque, and is equipped with a six-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. Romeo weighs less than 2500 pounds and has a surprising 24/24mpg city/highway fuel economy

2008 Aston Martin Vantage

The Vantage is considered to be the most agile and thinnest model in the Aston Martin series, with the body style of a hatchback coupe or a soft-top roadster. Vantage is based on the aluminum VH platform supporting DBS and DB9, which is lightweight and excellent in rigidity. It also has rear parking sensors, full leather upholstery, power seats, 18-inch wheels, USB ports, auto-dimming rearview mirrors, navigation system, satellite radio and power folding rearview mirrors

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 The base Vantage is powered by a 4.3-liter V8 engine, which can produce 380bhp of power and 302lb-ft of peak torque. This power is transmitted to the rear wheels through a standard 6-speed manual transmission or a 6-speed automatic transmission (a pedal shifter mounted on the steering column)

2016 Mercedes-Benz E400

Although E400 has 5 years of history, it still provides high-quality luxury goods to stay competitive in the used car market. E400 has simulated leather interior, front airbag, driver drowsiness monitor, forward collision warning, engine anti-theft device, traction control, 4-wheel ABS, electronic stability system, anti-lock braking system, reversing camera and navigation system

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 Under the hood, the E400 is equipped with a 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged direct-injection engine that can produce 329bhp at 5250rpm and 354lb-ft of peak torque at 1600rpm. The E400 provides a luxurious and high-end driver experience, making this model an ideal choice for enthusiasts who do not pay particular attention to performance

2017 Audi A4

The 2017 A4 can be said to be one of the best luxury sports cars in the used car market. A4 has Premium, Premium Plus and Prestige finish levels to choose from. All these components provide an air-smooth body, which is slightly different from the standard A4. The A4 has sunroofs, power front seats, rear-view cameras, AM/FM audio system, smartphone connectivity, parking sensors and blind spot monitors

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 The Audi A4 has a 2.0-liter turbocharged inline 4-cylinder engine with a power of 252bhp and a peak torque of 273lb-ft. The power unit is paired with a 6-speed manual or 7-speed dual-clutch transmission

2012 Land Rover LR4 

LR4 uses the same one-piece frame structure as the 2010 Land Rover Range Rover Sport and Land Rover Range Rover. It also retains the same bumper and body color wheel arches as Discovery 3. LR4 has a redesigned front grille, changed LED front and rear light fixtures, updated instrument panel, center console, fully independent suspension system, electronic center lock differential, terrain response system and optional surround camera system

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 The LR4 is equipped with three engines from the Jaguar Land Rover series; a 3.0-liter AJ126 V6-S gasoline variant with 241bhp, a 5.0-liter AJ133 direct gasoline injection V8 with 385bhp and a 2.7-liter AJD V6-T diesel with 187bhp 

2008 BMW M5

The M5 may not seem the most exciting BMW, but it is one of the fastest, most precise, and most powerful four-door models. The M5 has deeper side sills, four exhaust pipes, a luggage spoiler, automatic seat side pillows, heated seats, unique body panels, wider rails, and a colorful head-up display

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The 2008 model also redesigned the headlights, taillights, rear bumper, rear diffuser and front windshield. Under the hood, the M5 has a 5.0-liter S85 BMW V10, which can produce 500bhp at 7750rpm and 384lb-ft of maximum torque at 6100rpm. The car offers three optional engine modes; the default P400 limits the engine to 394bhp, the P500 increases the power to a maximum of 500bhp, and the P500 S adds a more sensitive throttle response at 500bhp

2010 Audi A6 4.2 Quattro

Audi designed the A6 as a stylish luxury sedan that provides comfort, excellent dynamics and modern technology. Audi A6 has a choice of five-door station wagon or four-door sedan, which mainly competes with top luxury cars such as Mercedes-Benz E-Class and BMW 5 Series. As a benchmark for internal quality, the A6 has a comfortable and ventilated cabin with supportable seats and a space for four

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 The sporty Avant A6 interior is completely powered by a standard 3.2-liter supercharged V6, which can generate 256bhp. On the other hand, the A6 sedan offers V6, V8 and V10 engine variants. Except entry-level models, all A6 derivative models are equipped with Quattro all-wheel drive system and continuously variable automatic transmission

2010 Volvo S80

The Volvo S80 is the largest sedan model in the Volvo product line, and its quality prioritizes safety, comfort and technology, rather than sports elements. The 2010 S80 model uses a more eye-catching dual exhaust system, new grille, more chrome decoration, new door stitching and wire inlay. The S80 is equipped with a 3.2-liter inline six-cylinder engine of 235bhp, with powerful power and outstanding and refined sound. There are also two engine variants available for the S80

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 Equipped with all-wheel drive 311bhp V8 and 281bhp twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder engine. S80 is also equipped with an active suspension system, which can adjust its vibration according to sports, comfort and advanced level to suit various driving types

2004 Porsche Cayenne

Although the Porsche Cayenne is manufactured as a high-performance SUV, buyers have received mixed responses. Cayenne is proud of being the first Porsche model with four doors. This is also Porsche's first off-road model since the Junior and Super tractors in 1950. For the first generation models, the lineup includes Cayenne S, Cayenne GTS, Cayenne Turbo, Cayenne Turbo S and Cayenne Diesel

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The basic Cayenne model is powered by a 3.2-liter VW VR6 engine that can produce 247bhp. Despite having a Volkswagen engine, the intake manifold is unique to Porsche. The Cayenne manual transmission accelerates from 0-60mph in 9.3 seconds, while the automatic transmission accelerates in 9.7 seconds


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