BMW M8 Coupe And Convertible Return For 2022

 Recently, sales of luxury coupes and convertibles have fallen sharply, which explains why the BMW M8 Coupe and BMW M8 Convertible are taking vacations for the 2021 model year. The four-door M8 Gran Coupe proved very popular and can be used in 2021. BMW still offers smaller variants of the 8-series Coupe and Convertible. Although the sales of the two-door coupe and convertible have not been better than last year, the two-door M8 model will return in the 2022 model year

BMW M8 Coupe And Convertible Return For 2022

The EPA website lists The 2022 M8 Coupe, Convertible, and Gran Coupe Competition, sporting 15-mpg in the city, 23-mpg on the highway, and 17-mpg combined. BMW Product and Technology Communication Manager Alex Schmuck confirmed that the EPA file is correct, and the M8 Coupe and Convertible have officially returned

The standard M8 models are notably absent from the EPA website, as only the M8 Competition variants are listed. Schmuck confirmed that all three M8 variants would only be offered in Competition guise for the 2022 model year

 We assume that most customers didn't mind spending $13,000 more for the Competition model when they are already willing to spend $133,000 on a base M8. Opting for the Competition ups the output from 600 to 617 horsepower and drops the official 0-60 mph from 3.1 to 3.0 seconds

BMW M8 Coupe And Convertible Return For 2022

When the M8 Coupe, Convertible and Gran Coupe return  in 2022, they should have a good upgrade internally. These models will offer optional carbon fiber M bucket seats borrowed from the M5 CS and the new M3/M4. Those carbon drums can reduce the weight of 230 pounds from the M5, which is very important. We want them to appear in some incredible colors, such as M3 and M4

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