cheap car insurance after an accident

A car accident can cause injury to you and your vehicle, and it can cause significant damage to your car insurance premiums. Drivers involved in incidents of negligent personal injury or expensive property damage currently have to increase their car insurance rates by an average of 34%

cheap car insurance after an accident


There are many ways to reduce the impact of accidents on your car insurance. Some auto insurance providers offer accident forgiveness plans to help minimize the increase in your insurance premiums after an accident, so it is still possible to find cheap auto insurance after an accident 

How much will my insurance coverage increase after an accident? 

It is difficult to accurately predict how much your car insurance premiums will increase after a car accident. According to a study , “An accident or a violation of the rules in your driving record is a red flag for the insurance company and will usually result in a substantial increase in your automatic expenses. The increase depends on many factors, including your insurance company, The state you live in, previous accidents or relocation violations, and your age. Young drivers tend to pay the highest fees after an accident because insurance companies see them as potential risk customers"

The more losses you suffer in an accident, the more premium increases you can see. If you have a history of traffic accidents, you can expect a larger rate hike because you look like a dangerous driver. When damage not related to a vehicle collision falls on your car, it can be fully covered. For example, you might file a full claim, such as your car was stolen or destroyed, or a tree branch was dropped. Although these claims can slightly increase your premiums, it is still worth applying to the insurance company to obtain the protection needed to restore the car to its pre-incident glory.

According to my insurance company, how much will my rate increase? 

Although almost every car insurance company will increase your rate after an accident, the amount may vary significantly between companies. Depending on the company, the price increase may range from US$200 to US$900. Below are 8 top auto insurance companies showing their average full odds before and after the accident


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The Travelers Companies










Progressive Corporation











 Why do insurance premiums increase after an accident? 

Insurance providers will not raise interest rates to punish you. Instead, insurance companies will adjust your rates after an accident to reflect the new data you provided to them as a result of the crash. Now that they know that your driving style may cause an accident, they think you are a high-risk driver-and they have accidents to support this view. “An accident or a mobile violation in your driving record is a red flag for the insurance company and will usually cause your automatic rate to increase substantially.” If your risk is higher, the provider will pay a higher premium The form transfers the risk to you. However, this growth is not permanent. In a few years, most interest rate hikes will decline 

Accident forgiveness 

If the accident  is not caused because of Your fault , in some cases, even if it is a car accident, even if you participate in the plan with an insurance company, you are eligible for car accident forgiveness. When your insurance provider exempts the surcharge incurred due to the first negligent accident of a qualified driver on your insurance policy, an accident forgiveness occurs. The program is usually extended for free to long-term members who have a good driving record. Newbies to insurance companies or drivers with poor driving records may be able to add services at an additional monthly fee. 
The following companies have extended some form of accident forgiveness program to registered and qualified drivers: 

1-     GEICO

2-     Progressive Corporation

3-     Allstate

4-     State Farm

5-     USAA

6-     Liberty Mutual

7-     Nationwide

Note: State Farm’s accident forgiveness only applies to accident-free drivers who have been working in the company for at least 9 years 

How long does an accident stay on your record? 

On average, a car accident will remain in your driving record for 3-5 years. However, the exact length of time depends on your state and the severity of the incident. For example, in New York State, accidents or traffic violations will be recorded in your records until the end of the year and plus three years later. In Oregon, accidents or violations will be kept in your records for five years. If you are involved in a DUI or Rure driving accident, please expect that the incident can be kept for up to 10 years 

Reduce your car insurance rates after an accident

In addition to how much your car insurance will increase after an accident, the bigger question is how can you get the lowest premium now that the accident has passed. Even if you are not eligible for accident forgiveness from a car insurance provider, there are still ways to lower the surcharge and lower the insurance rate. "If your car insurance rates increase after an accident, please talk to your insurance company about possible offsets, "You may be eligible for discounts, for example, driving fewer miles, being a good student or having a good student at home, and working in certain service-related occupations (such as teaching, healthcare or the military)" 

Here are some ways to reduce your car insurance rate after an accident:

Shop around: It’s always a good idea to shop around and find the best price available among the current companies. You may also find that some companies offer different discounts and coverage than others

Enhance your credit : In some states, your credit rating plays a role in determining your car insurance rate. Stay within the spending budget, repay debt and resolve any discrepancies in your credit report to improve your credit score

Increase deductible : The higher your deductible, the lower your premium. Before increasing the deductible, please know that you can pay more of the deductible before the insurance pays

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