The Ugliest Cars Ever Made

The design may be subjective, but when you need to spend thousands of dollars on a car, we want the appearance to look good, despite the best intentions, car companies often miss this sign and make the car land on the ugly car list. In many cases, this also means that sales will decline

Ford Pinto

Pinto is famous for two reasons: it is small and cheap. But later, Pinto became one of the worst and most dangerous vehicles ever, and thus gained a new, darker reputation

Ford Pinto-the name has become rather unremarkable. But even if it goes beyond aesthetic issues, it has become legendary because of the bigger problem of sometimes crashing rearward and exploding

The ugliest car in the world


Subaru Brat

The word Brat is actually an acronym, which stands for Bi-drive recreational all-terrain vehicle. However, for this peculiar car produced by Subaru in the 1970s, the acronym seems more appropriate

The ugliest car in the world

 Corbin Sparrow 

We must bring a lot of honor to Corbin Sparrow. This is an all-electric car, which is actually much more than a motorcycle, and its environmental protection certificate dates back to 1999. It is said that more than 150 miles have been walked on a single charge. But when you look at its nose, jelly bean shape, and pizza butt shape, you may want to keep it in the garage to charge your iPhone 

World's Ugliest Cars

Nissan Cube 

There are no heads, bells and whistles behind the Nissan Cube. It is still being manufactured and sold today, and when you buy it, you get the real thing at a fair price-a reliable, utilitarian, and drivable geometry course 

The ugliest cars in the world

AMC Gremlin

Although this sounds like a horror movie from the 1980s, this 1970s subcompact car is quite legendary because of its small size and unique appearance. The so-called unique means that it has a very outstanding "personality"

World's Ugliest Cars


Forty years ago, East Germany tried to create its own version of the Volkswagen Beetle. It would be an understatement to say that this experiment failed. Poor design and terrible aesthetics, the only thing that looks good on this particular car is the rolling stone logo on the hood

World's Ugliest Cars

 AMC Pacer 

When AMC Pacer came out in 1975, this was the toast of the automotive press, calling it "futuristic", "bold" and "unique". AMC even produced an electric version to deal with the gasoline crisis of the 1970s

 But over time, what looked like futuristic began to look completely unfamiliar, and the unorthodox appearance of walkers was no longer welcome. In the past few years, car collectors have returned, but for the Pacers, this is not enough to get rid of the gravity of our ugliest list

The Ugliest Cars Ever Made

 Bond Bug 

It may be called the "Bond bug", but it has nothing to do with Agent 007. The two-seater three-wheeled car was built in the 1970s when Reliant bought Bond Motors and wanted to build an "interesting car." 

The Ugliest Cars Ever Made

AMC Matador 

In the 1970s, American Motor Company (AMC) made many changes on the Matador, from station wagons to coupes. Each of them could have made our ugly list. But this does not mean that the car did not win respect on that day. James Bond drives the flying version of this car. Fashion designer Oleg Cassni was invited to develop a special luxury model. But times and tastes have changed. Although "Matador" has a slight renaissance in the collection world, we guess for many riders that its design sensitivity is still retrogressive

The Ugliest Cars Ever Made

 Lincoln Continental 

The 1958 Lincoln car used tilted headlights, nearly vertical sides and ridiculously recessed front fenders, giving the impression of taking up as much space as possible for no reason.Lincoln adjusted the style of the '59 and '60s, each time a little worse, but replaced in 1961 This grotesque Lincoln car is one of the most beautiful cars ever split

The Ugliest Cars Ever Made

Marcos Mantis M70 

If we have to nominate a car as the ugliest car in the world, it is the visual crime scene you see here. Marcos Engineering’s cars are rarely attractive, but the Mantis has reached a level where four-wheelers are rare. From rugged lines, poor proportions to disturbing details, everything about this car is wrong. We can't even accuse the designer of being blind, because you can almost smell how ugly a mantis is. Surprisingly, Marcos successfully sold 32 of them within two years. We didn't know it was possible to blackmail so many people at once

The Ugliest Cars Ever Made
Consulier GTP 

What makes a supercar super? It must be fast, it must be agile, and it must be beautiful. Maybe the people at Consulier think two thirds are close enough. Oh, it's fast-impressive, especially considering that it has a 190-horsepower Chrysler turbocharged four-cylinder engine behind the cockpit

 The GT weighs only 2,200 pounds, thanks to the lightweight composite frame and the industry's first body shell made entirely of Kevlar and carbon fiber. But when Ferrari, Lamborghini and classic Cobra posters competed for wall space, Consulier GTP didn't even run. Can you imagine Samantha Fox hanging on the consul's hat? Of course not, she might sprain her head in the headlight pod 


The Ugliest Cars Ever Made

Fiat Multipla 

The Multipla is one of the few award-winning cars on this list-only the award it has is the ugliest car variety. There are so many mistakes in this design, so that people can spend a lot of time looking for new things to make fun of: looks like an already seated hood, loves fish tank glass like a walker, the general impression is that someone has seen two cars . Half, then glue the top of one to the bottom of the other

 There is no better performance inside: all the meters and controls are tucked into the middle stack, which looks like a Fischer-Price toddler activity board hit with a razor. The Multipla is so far away that the French also think it is bad-it is indeed one of the ugliest cars in the world

The Ugliest Cars Ever Made


Mitsuoka Galue 

Mitsuoka is trying to inject classic British style hints from the 1950s into modern Japanese cars, and you don’t need to look at the car to know that this is a ridiculous bad idea. As you can see here, sports cars are not terrible-in fact, Rockstar has an old-fashioned Corvette vibe, which is cool-but as Galue shows, cars are horrible performances. Why would anyone do this to a cute car like Infiniti Q70? If this is a horse, we will send it to the stove factory. (Rimshot!)

The Ugliest Cars Ever Made

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