The Special One BMW M8 Gran Coupe

Yes, You can say it, Tt's a luxury car, It's fast and reliable, I love it, It's our spicy car 
for today, The awesome one BMW m8 gran coupe

BMW M8 Gran Coupe

  Is the BMW M8 Gran Coupe a good car?

The answer Yes definitely It's a good car, The BMW M8 Gran Coupe is a larger and more practical version of the M8 Coupe, with the same 625hp engine but with a more practical four-door body, a more spacious trunk, and four seats. Therefore, if you want an M car but have too many friends, BMW will serve you.
To help you distinguish it, in addition to the standard BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe, it also offers a more aggressive bumper, four large exhaust pipes, new alloy wheels, and many optional carbon fiber details. Inside the car, the leather upholstery on the doors, dashboard, and seats is tightly tied, and like the 8 series, the same excellent iDrive Professional infotainment system and digital driver display


Just because you don't need the six-figure 2021 BMW M8 Gran Coupe above 600 hp, it doesn't mean you don't want one
If you can afford the high entry price of this high-performance four-door sedan with a pitched roof, then it will surely let you revel in its luxurious and exhilarating atmosphere. BMW is packed with a twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter V-8 hood, which can produce 600 to 617 ponies

The highest power rating is reserved for the M department’s track-ready race model, which also adds special forged wheels and rower exhaust. Each version has an all-wheel-drive system with rear-wheel drive mode, which can greatly change the driving performance of the car. Inside, you will only find luxurious materials and exquisite facilities

The rear seat is much larger than the M8 coupe and convertible, but these body styles have been eliminated this year

BMW M8 Gran Coupe 2021

 What are the new features for 2021?

For 2021, the M8 Gran Coupe can now use Donington gray metallic paint and black or red calipers. The Sonic Speed ​​Blue color is no longer available, and night vision systems with pedestrian detection are no longer available. BMW also changed the name of the competition from a model to a package and stated that the 2021 M8 coupe and convertible will not be available in the United States due to COVID-19

  How much is BMW M8 Gran Coupe?

The starting price of the 2021 BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe is $85,000. The Coupe model starts at 88,000 US dollars, and the retail price of the convertible is 97,400 US dollars.
These prices are for the 840i interior, which has a turbocharged six-cylinder engine and rear-wheel drive. The price of getting an all-wheel-drive increased by $2,900
The M850i ​​xDrive is equipped with a twin-turbocharged V8 engine and all-wheel drive. The body price includes: Gran Coupe $108,900, Coupe $111,900 and convertible $121,400
The high-performance M8 is only available as a Gran Coupe, with a retail price of US$130,000

  Is the BMW M8 reliable and comfortable? 

The M8 Gran Coupe has a beautiful interior that looks as rich as it feels. Although the design is more dignified than dazzling, the four-door M8 provides plenty of rear passenger space. It also provides a cornucopia with ideal standard features, such as a 12.3-inch digital instrument panel; 16-way power front seats with memory settings, heating and ventilation functions; four-zone climate control; leather upholstery; and more. Buyers can also improve the cabin through novel color schemes and exquisite interiors and comfortable seat packages. This adds heated seats and electric awnings for the entire rear passengers

BMW M8 Gran Coupe

  How much does the insurance cost for the BMW 8 Series?

The cost of insurance for the BMW 8 Series will depend on many factors, including the deductible, the level of insurance required, and the type of insurance selected. Your age, gender, location, credit score, and driving history will also affect your insurance 

  Should I Buy the BMW 8 Series?

If you are looking for a top-notch sports car with a serviceable second row and a decent trunk, then the BMW 8 Series will be one of the few cars on the shortlist. It provides a lot of flexibility and it is easy to find a model that suits your needs
 You can stick to the basic model, the price is about $ 85,000, and still, get the strong performance and abundant convenience facilities. You can also spend tens of thousands of dollars for a higher-performance version and get a speed of zero to 60 mph in less than four seconds

Infotainment and Connectivity for BMW m8 gran coupe

Each M8 Gran Coupe is equipped with a 10.3-inch touch screen infotainment system, which can also be operated via the rotary controller on the center console. The magnificent BMW comes with a 16-speaker Harman/Kardon sound system and has a Wi-Fi hotspot and Apple CarPlay compatibility. However, there is no Android Auto integration. Those who are not satisfied with the default audio unit can upgrade to the more powerful Bowers & Wilkins setup.

  Where Is the 2021 BMW 8 Series Built? 

BMW manufactures the 2021 8-series in Germany

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