Cheapest Car Insurance Companies for 2021

It is often said that there is no certainty in life except death and taxes. For drivers, you can add car insurance to the list. In almost every state, laws and regulations require drivers to carry some form of auto insurance. Most importantly, if you have already funded your vehicle, the financing company may also ask you to provide coverage. Even if you don’t need to carry car insurance, it’s still a good idea to have car insurance because you don’t want to incur thousands of dollars in repair or medical expenses in the event of an accident

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies for 2021

In short, you bought a car insurance policy from a car insurance company. You pay the premium every year, if an accident occurs, you will file a claim to cover the financial loss caused by the accident 

When you are looking for a good car insurance agreement, you need to strike a balance between the level of protection you need and the fees that won't deplete your wallet. We conducted a detailed analysis of car insurance rates for drivers across the country to find the company that offers the lowest rates in each state. Please note that the rates shown here are simple averages derived from representative driver profiles, so your rates may vary

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies for 2021 


According to our analysis, USAA is the cheapest auto insurance company and offers the lowest auto insurance rates in the country. This insurance company’s representative rate is very low, only $885 per year, which is nearly $300 lower than the next cheapest insurance company in our research. In almost every driver profile we analyzed, USAA has the lowest learning premium, even if it is not the absolute cheapest, it is not much more expensive than its cheaper competitors


GEICO is the second cheapest car insurance company, with an annual research cost of $1,168. This is much more expensive than the USAA representative fee, but it is still about 17% cheaper than the national average we analyzed. Except for drivers with DUI, Geico provides almost every driver with the lowest learning rate. When we checked the 25-year-old driver's profile, this insurance company stood out from its competitors. Geico’s representative rates for these profiles are hundreds of dollars cheaper than almost all other insurance companies  

State Farm  

The third cheapest car insurance company in our research. State Farm’s annual representative fee is $1,234, which is cheaper than the national average. According to our analysis, this insurance company is an excellent choice for representative files with poor driving records. The learning rate on state farms is much lower than the national profile of speeding or accidents. For personal data with DUI, this insurance company is the cheapest  

The Travelers Companies

Travelers are the fourth cheapest car insurance company in our ranking of the cheapest insurance companies. However, it is still within the astonishing distance between State Farm and Geico, with an annual representative premium of $1,267. Regardless of age, gender, credit score, or driving history, in all our driver profiles, the learning rate of travelers is slightly below average 

Progressive Corporation 

Progressive is the fifth cheapest car insurance company. Its representative rate is still slightly lower than the average of all companies, and the study insurance premium is $1,373. The same is true in most of our driver profiles, and Progressive's rates hover around or slightly below average. For driver profiles with DUI, Progressive is a good choice, and its learning rate is much lower than average. However, this is the most expensive of the personal data in the accident

American Family Insurance

American Family is the sixth cheapest car insurance company with a premium of $1,391. This is the last auto insurance company whose representative rate is lower than the national average. Like Progressive, American households are kept near the average of the nine insurance companies in most of our driver files, but due to poor driving history, it flows to the cheaper end  

Farmers Insurance Group 

Farmers are the seventh cheapest car insurance company. Its study fee is $1,682 per year, which is 20% higher than the representative insurance premium for American families. It is also hundreds of dollars more expensive than the national average. For all of us drivers, the farmer’s learning rate is always on the expensive side (although it has never been the most expensive) 


Nationwide is the eighth cheapest auto insurance company. Its annual study fee is US$1,864, which is US$200 higher than the representative fee of farmers and US$400 higher than the national average. Even more damn: nationwide expenses are more than twice that of NASA. This car insurance company is especially expensive for our 25-year-old drivers and those with a poor driving history. For personal data with DUI, Nationwide's study fee exceeds $4,000 per year or close to $350 per month
Allstate is the most expensive auto insurance company. The company's study fee of $1,880 per month is only $1 more than Nationwide's study fee. Nonetheless, in our analysis, Allstate ultimately crowned Suspicious as the most expensive auto insurance company, and its interest rates are particularly high for our 35 and 60-year-old drivers. Allstate also severely penalized driver profiles with fair or poor credit
Average Cost of Car Insurance in 2021 

According to our research, the national average representative fee of the nine major auto insurance companies in the country is US$1,416. Having said that, because insurance companies use various personalized data to set rates, it is impossible to say exactly how much they will cost. To prove how much auto insurance rates will fluctuate, we will study how age or gender affects premiums. The average learning rate of 25-year-old male drivers was the highest at US$1,669, followed by the average learning rate of 25-year-old women at US$1,593. The lowest representative premium we found was for 60-year-old women ($1,229), and then 60-year-old men ($1,267). The salary of men and women in the 35-year-old age group is approximately $1,370n in XT5's strong areas, it is still not a first-class leader.




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