Best Used BMW Models in 2021

Among many luxury brands, BMW has consolidated its reputation as a manufacturer of high-performance machinery. Even crossovers and SUVs have excellent handling performance. BMW models also have a modern, sophisticated cab, equipped with useful BMW iDrive infotainment system and other function

Best Used BMW Models in 2021

2019 BMW 2 Series

The 2 series is a callback to BMW's early pure driving at its best. It is a simple four-seater coupe (or convertible) with a traditional "three-box" exterior design. This provides ample luggage space and cabin space for the 2 series. For small sports vehicles, the rear seats are very spacious

 The base 320i is equipped with a 248-horsepower four-cylinder turbocharged engine, which is a lively little express. Performance enthusiasts will want to check out the 335-horsepower M240i or the 405-horsepower M2 race. The latter is equipped with a six-speed manual gearbox that transmits power to the rear wheels

The price is from $30,994 to $50,734

Best Used BMW Models in 2021

2018 BMW 5 Series

The mid-size 5 Series encapsulates everything that makes a BMW road car outstanding. It offers a variety of powertrains, from plug-in hybrids to powerful in-line six-cylinder and V8 engines. The M550i and M5 are also exciting performance machines with impressive turning capabilities.

 The 5 series has a large suitcase and a spacious and comfortable cabin. The 2018 5 series comes standard with a 10.2-inch iDrive infotainment screen, synthetic leather interior, dual-zone climate control, sunroof and a 12-speaker stereo system.

The price is from $44,728 to $63,982

Best Used BMW Models in 2021

2015 BMW X3
The second-generation BMW X3 came out in 2012 and improved the first-generation model in many ways. For the 2015 model year, it has been further updated, please see here. In addition to its novel shape, it also received a new turbo diesel engine. This is connected to turbocharged four-cylinder and six-cylinder gas engines.

 The cargo space of the BMW X3 is 63.3 cubic feet, and the rear seats are folded, making it one of the most spacious vehicles in the compact luxury SUV class. X3 also has ample front and rear seat space. It is marked with leather upholstery and front seats with adjustable power. Look for models with heated front seats and leather upholstery

The price is from $24,171 to $28,796

Best Used BMW Models in 2021

2015 BMW X5 

If you want to balance agility and versatility, use the BMW X5 from 2014 to 2018. It has a maximum cargo space of 66 cubic feet and is equipped with a standard five-seater. Some models even offer a third row, increasing the capacity to seven rows. The third row of seats is small, but the first and second rows are very spacious.

X5 can provide a variety of powertrains, including six-cylinder, diesel and powerful V8 engines. X5 has sporty handling and can maintain stability in difficult corners. X5 is equipped with a 360-degree camera, head-up display, blind spot monitoring and parking sensor.

The price is from $32,373 to $60,571

Best Used BMW Models in 2021

2015 BMW i3

The BMW i3 was launched in 2013 and is a revolutionary new design for the German brand. It is part of BMW's forward-looking lineup of new hybrid and electric vehicles. More importantly, the i3 introduces a unique hatchback body style with surprising cabin space and useful clamshell half doors. The dashboard layout is completely different from other BMW models and may take some time to adapt, but it is very ergonomic. The i3 has a vibrant 170-horsepower battery-powered electric motor and is equipped with a two-cylinder extended-range engine that is only used as a generator to charge the battery pack. The pure electric base model has a cruising range of 81 miles, and the extended-range version enables a cruising range of 150 miles. The pure electric i3 received an EPA estimate of 124 MPGe. The extended version will return 117 MPGe. When the battery is exhausted, the gasoline engine will return to 39 combined MPG.

The price is from $17,636 to $18,788

Best Used BMW Models in 2021

2019 BMW X7


The 2019 BMW X7 is the newest and largest member of the BMW SUV lineup. This is a full-size three-row SUV. If you need more space than X4, then X7 may be your SUV. In addition to the spacious seats that can accommodate 7 people, the X7 also provides 90.4 cubic feet of cargo space, and the rear seats are folded. X7 comes standard with a 335-horsepower twin-turbocharged six-cylinder engine, and is equipped with a twin-turbocharged V8, which can output 456 horsepower

 If properly equipped, the X7 has a maximum towing capacity of 7,500 pounds. 2019 is the first year of X7, and this generation continues to this day. Therefore, it has one of the latest versions of BMW iDrive

The price is from $73,900 to $92,600


Best Used BMW Models in 2021 
2016 BMW X1

The first-generation BMW X1 left a lot of hope in terms of cockpit quality and driving dynamics. The second-generation X1 was launched in 2016 and has undergone major improvements in these attributes. It has an exquisite, responsive processing method, and a powerful turbocharged four-cylinder engine with 228 horsepower as standard. The X1 from 2016 to 2019 is equipped with a beautiful and comfortable cabin. There is plenty of passenger space, and even passengers in the rear seats have enough head and leg room. The X1 also has 58.7 cubic feet of cargo space, making it stand out among luxury sub-compact SUVs

The price is $25,978

Best Used BMW Models in 2021

2015 BMW 4 Series

In 2014, BMW split the 3-series coupe into the 4-series, making the sporty compact luxury car its own unique model. The 4 series has Coupe, convertible and four-door Gran Coupe variants. All three versions have clear, concentrated interiors. The cab is equipped with the old BMW iDrive. Although it has clear graphics, it requires additional steps to perform basic functions. The 4 series has excellent handling and a powerful engine lineup

The basic turbocharged four-cylinder engine has enough power to drive around the city, and the first-class M4 is a powerful machine. The 435i is equipped with a twin-turbocharged 300-horsepower inline six-cylinder engine, which is perfect for those who want enough power to quickly roll off the assembly line but still do not wake up their neighbors while driving

The price is from $22,196 to $50,136

Best Used BMW Models in 2021


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