2021 BMW M8 Price, facts and figures

POWER and MIGHTY define the 2021 BMW M8. The M8 is always ready to make an impact because its powerful engine and luxurious design effortlessly turn it into a car behemoth. Whether you are just driving and running errands on the local streets or racing on a secluded street, be prepared to feel good while riding

2021 BMW M8

 The starting price of the M8 is an astonishing $131,995, and whether the car is worth it is still controversial. It must also be pointed out that the M8 is only available in the form of a four-door Gran Coupe in North America. Due to sales problems, there are no two-door coupes and convertibles in the area. But Gran Coupe proved that there are many things to look forward to 

Engine Capabilities Prove That BMW M8 Is A Great Force 

The 4.4-liter V8 engine is responsible for 600 horsepower and 553 pound-feet of torque. The powerful M8 can reach 600 miles in 3.3 seconds. The M850i​​convertible and coupe are equipped with a V8 engine that can produce 523 horsepower. There are many reasons why this car is completely different from its competitors-Mercedes-Benz AMG E63 S 4Matic, Audi RS7, Porsche Panamera, and Maserati Quattroporte

If you use an all-wheel drive, you will have an agile and pleasant experience. The rear-wheel-drive turns this car into something almost unrecognizable because the M8 is an absolute beast on the road. The task of the rear-wheel-drive option seems to be to push the limits. These two different effects are one of the most attractive elements of this car because the M8's flexibility can satisfy all levels of excitement. Whether you are a person who wants to drive steadily, or a person who wants to race, you will love the adaptability of this car

Fuel economy with an eight-speed automatic transmission is standard: the M8 is 15 mpg in the city and 21 mpg on the speed road

2021 BMW M8

The Extraordinary Interior of BMW M8 Will Make You Ignore The Price 

The length of the car is 200.9 inches and the width is 76.5 inches. The M8's interior is more angular and elegant than a loose and comfortable exterior, similar to the ultimate luxury company such as Aston Martin or Bentley. When you find that the cabin is more spacious than previous models, you will forget the high price

 You can choose from two colors of leather seats: ivory white or Tartufo brown. Heated seats and four-zone climate control add to an already good experience 

The appearance is equally memorable. There is a distinct rear arch, and the front grille is divided into two parts. If you are going to buy this car, please note: the new color Donington Grey Metallic has been added and the Sonic Speed​​Blue color is no longer available. CarBuzz reports: "Sit on 20-inch M alloy wheels and use Shadowline exterior trim, four-exit exhaust tailpipes, M rear spoiler and carbon fiber reinforced plastic roof and other details, which are better than M5 sedan. Slim headlights It is an Icon adaptive LED device using BMW Laserlight technology; there is an adaptive brake light on the rear. At night, your route is covered by an LED carpet
2021 BMW M8

 Features of BMW M8 

BMW goes hand in hand with technological success: a 10.3-inch touch screen and a 16-speaker 464-watt Harman/Kardon sound system. If this is not enough, owners can get an even more amazing 16-speaker, 1400-watt Bowes & Wilkins Diamond system. However, the disadvantage is that the car can only be connected to Apple CarPlay, but not to Android Auto. Drivers who want more excitement can invest in the race package to generate an additional 17 horsepower. The package also guarantees better suspension and more eye-catching wheels 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Institute of Highway Safety Insurance have not yet evaluated the car, but the five key safety components of the M8 are adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, rear crossroad traffic alert, lane departure warning, and lane-keep assistance 

BMW M8 Is A Super Car 

Overall, the 2021 BMW M8 is a stylish, sophisticated, and high-end car. It's hard not to fall in love with its eye-catching appearance and powerful engine. The only trouble is to worry about choosing M8 or M5 as the next car.

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